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A Highly Scientific Analysis of The TEEN WOLF Season Two Trailer

Meghan finally gets around to applying her artistic skills to the Teen Wolf season two trailer.

A Highly Scientific Analysis of The TEEN WOLF Season Two Trailer

In all the excitement over Posh's wedding and the new site, this trailer somehow got past me. Honestly, I'm a little shocked we haven't gotten at least 57 emails and tweets asking if we'd seen it yet, and WHEN were we going to post about it, because doesn't everyone NEED to know what's going to happen on season 2 of Teen Wolf? I know I do, which is how I ... wasn't even sure when the show started, and found the trailer by frantically Googling, afraid I'd already missed the premiere.

I present, in all its WTFery, the season two trailer. Apparently if it gets 5 million views, they'll air the first 10 minutes of the show. A week after it was released, there are already 235,620 views -- only 4,764,380 to go! C'mon guys, we can do this!

Not sure what's going on? Check out all the season one recaps here.

I debated whether to do our usual scene-by-scene screenshot trailer analysis, or to do paint versions of my favorite scenes. Even though they take longer, the comics really are the only thing that makes Teen Wolf bearable, so here you go! Oh, I forgot to do an ab count, and couldn't bring myself to watch the trailer again to redo it. I think it's around 2 or 3, mainly Jackson.




Oh shizz! Allison's grandpa is John McCain Col. Tigh!








Wow, that last scene's just like Hamlet, isn't it?

So, despite the usual nonsense, I'm kind of pleased with the direction Teen Wolf's heading -- it looks like it's embracing B-movie horror with Black Lagoon Jackson, Lydia the Scream Queen, blonde bimbos, and lots and lots of blood. What do you think?

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