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Swimfantage: Jess & Rory

A highly scientific analysis of a fan-made tribute to Jess and Rory from Gilmore Girls, including a never-before-seen-in-this-light happy ending.

Swimfantage: Jess & Rory

About a month ago, Posh broke the confessional ice with her thoughtful and poignant analysis of an art form for these troubled times in which we live -- the fan-made montage! She tackled the very worthy Ben and Felicity, and since then we've received a few calls to investigate other montages. As the resident Gilmore Girls fan, when a dedicated reader sent in a request for this Rory and Logan montage, I stepped up. Except, and I'm terribly sorry, I just couldn't! As I established earlier, I just CANNOT make myself swoon over Logan, no matter how much I try. I'm sorry! I am just a Jess girl through and through. Maybe you Logan fans can find something there to educate me. Don't be shy -- take it away in the comments.

Anyway, after hours of careful research and combing through YouTube clips, I picked this one for its portrayal of Jess and Rory's relationship, not least because it minimizes Dean's appearances. This both spares me from his scowly-giraffe-with-bad-hair looks and spares me from dwelling on how douchey and unfair all three of them were to each other during season 2.

Quality: Medium

Some of the scenes are squinched, and it's not HD, but overall it's clean and doesn't have any weird effects. I came across one that was just stills! 1998 called, and it wants its montage back. It's not HD, but it also doesn't hop from one picture to the next every 2 seconds or apply weird lighting filters or distorts, so thumbs up.

Expertise Level: Expert

Not only does this include some very swoony Jess and Rory smooches, it goes above and beyond by stepping into the realm of fan fiction. Jess and Rory's happy ending -- who DOESN'T want that? (Ok, a lot of you, but what Jess girls don't want that?)

Song Selection: Mopey

Ugh, Four Tet may be great, whatever I don't know, but this song is B-O-R-I-N-G. Pull on my heartstrings! Make me tear up a little bit! At least Jess Mariano can leave me hypnotized, even if Four Tet doesn't. At least it's not a Nick Lachey song.

Swimfan Satisfaction (scale of 1-10): 10

The video perfectly captures the banter, the smirks, the intellectual push-and-pull of Rory and Jess's conversations, and there are plenty of longing looks and smooches (and no Dean smooches, THANK GOD). I'm more satisfied with this 5 minutes and 18 seconds than I was for ALL of season 7. They're now living happily ever after? Really kind of AWESOME.

What do you think? Are there better montages out there? Let us know!

Source: YouTube
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