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Don’t Be Afraid To Get A Little Messy

Posh reviews Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan's Messy, which is just as fabulous as the Fug Girls themselves.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get A Little Messy

BOOK REPORT for Messy by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

Cover Story: Anyone Want To Hit Up Sephora With Me Later?
BFF Charm: Yay!
Swoonworthy Scale: 5
Talky Talk: Fugeriffic
Bonus Factors: Nancy Drew Movie, Behind The Scenes,, Brick Berlin, The Fug Girls
Relationship Status: I'll Be The CaCee Cobb To Your Jessica Simpson

Cover Story: Anyone Want To Hit Up Sephora With Me Later?

Following in the glam footsteps of Spoiled, this cover is all kinds of fabulous, and not just because I need to own all three of those lipstick shades. It's sleek, adult and totally indicative of the subject material, and I hope the designer gets promoted to Head Designer of All YA Covers Ever.  Poppy, can you make that happen? KTHX.

The Deal:

In their follow-up to the delicious romp that is Spoiled, Cocks and Morgan chose to focus on Max McCormack, Molly's best friend in LA and resident loner girl at Colby-Randall, the fancy shmancy prep school brimming with teen celebrity wannabies. Max is dying to fast forward through the rest of high school so she can get to NYU and learn how to become a real writer, but there's a hitch: her empty bank account. Enter Brooke Berlin, my favorite mean girl since Regina George, who is still desperately trying to win the attention of her movie star dad, Brick. Brooke is convinced that creating a personal blog will send her sky rocketing into Hollywood's A-List, and all she needs is, well, someone to actually write the blog. Max is desperate for money, and Brooke is desperate for someone who can spell Miu Miu, so it's the perfect partnership... for the first two weeks. But as the site's popularity rises, Max begins to wish she weren't so anonymous, while Brooke wonders if she can ever be as smart as her internet persona. One things for sure: things are about to get messy, and by that I mean, AWESOME.

BFF Charm: Yay!

In Spoiled, Brooke won my charm after a long, bitchy battle, and I'm relieved to announce that I won't be asking for it back after Messy. She somehow manages to take her mean girl down a notch without losing any of her spice, which is an incredible feat, really. (Like, I'm thinking this should be an Olympic Sport. OMG the uniforms would be AMAZING.) Now that we know about Brooke's daddy issues, it's easier to understand why she does the catty things she does, and I actually really admire her work ethic in this book. Plus, girl knows how to enjoy being rich, a skill I GREATLY COVET.

Even though I didn't get to know Max super well in Spoiled, I knew I liked her, and it's a treat to delve into her alternating layers of angst and snark. She's witty, sarcastic and smart in a way that Molly isn't, and even though I love you, Molls, I totally dig hanging out with Max.

Swoonworthy Scale: 5

First of all, you guys will be relieved to know that Molly and Teddy are still dating. YES.

Ok, now that I've got that out of the way, let's talk about Brady Swift, the reluctant actor who is totally adorkable. He loves bad movies (a quality the Fug Girls have a field day with); he wears glasses; and he wants to buy the tiny donut making machine from Sky Mall. SAY NO MORE, BRADY SWIFT. I WILL MARRY YOU. The chemistry between Brady and Max is sweet and authentic, and without spoiling anything, let me say that the authors throw in enough roadblocks to generate an LA traffic's worth of tension. Did I want to pull my hair out? Yes. Did I want to honk at everyone for being so stupid? YES. But when I finally arrived at my swoon destination, it felt so, so good.

Talky Talk: Fugeriffic

Cocks and Morgan's signature sassy style is back and stronger than ever. The dialogue is more snappy, the pacing more polished, and the Hollywood references absolutely gigglicious. The cartoonishness of the characters is slightly reined in without penalizing the humor in the book, and as a result, I genuinely connected with Max and her struggles. The excerpts from Brooke's blog are totally amusing (see more on that below), and all of the Fug Girls' pokes at celebrity ridiculousness made me want to high five them SO BAD. I mean, I already wanted to do that, but now I want to do it, like, 20 times in a row. With cocktail breaks in between, obvs.

Bonus Factor: Nancy Drew Movie

In this version of Hollywood, the next big YA movie is based on Nancy Drew. This is great for two reasons. 1. I love Nancy Drew. 2. The Fug Girls are experts on the bastardization of books by the film industry, so there's all kinds of wrong happening in the script. It's AMAZ.

Bonus Factor: Behind The Scenes

Just like Max, we get to follow Brooke behind the scenes in Hollywood, from auditions in dingy offices to sprawling film lots dotted with famous faces to repurposed sets and plush trailers. It's fascinating, although I would have preferred more details about craft services.

Bonus Factor:

Brooke's blog (which doesn't exist in real life, unfortch) is a delicious mix of her LA lifestyle and juicy blind items about celebrities, and it makes me wish that the Fug Girls ran a gossip site because I would read the SHIZZ out of it.

Bonus Factor: Brick Berlin

Brick doesn't make as many magnificent appearances in Messy as he did in Spoiled, but he remains my favorite character, and his presence was still one of the best parts of the book. Exhibit A, after biting into a tiny hamburger at a party:

"Bad news, precious child-- I tasted mayonnaise," he said. "Even though I specifically asked if they were condimented. People are so careless. My trainer says it takes a thousand crunches to offset a mayonnaise incident, and I already accidentally ate a tub of potato salad this week."

Bonus Factor: The Fug Girls

At the risk of sounding like a swimfan-- JK, who am I kidding, I am TOTALLY a swimfan. I LOVE THE FUG GIRLS SO MUCH. Not only are they hilarious and immensely talented, they're also really nice, great gals who serve as excellent role models for us here at FYA. They deserve every ounce of success they achieve, not to mention a life-time of champ cans (and those high-fives I mentioned earlier).

Casting Call:

I already cast Brooke, Molly and Brick in my Spoiled review, but for Max, I'm going to go with my current fave snarky girl. (Just picture her with green hair.)

Jane Levy as Max

Relationship Status: I'll Be The CaCee Cobb To Your Jessica Simpson

This book is beyond fabulous, and I adore the opportunity to tag along with it to film shoots and swanky parties. Even more important, though, is the fact that we're total kindred spirits, and I get to see this book outside of the spotlight, with its extensions out and its make-up off. We can be real with each other as easily as we can dish about trainwreck celebrities, and while I love the glitz and glamor of riding its coattails, I love knowing its heart even more.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received my copy of the book from Heather & Jessica (yay!). I received neither money nor cocktails for writing this review (dammit!). Messy is available now.

Posh Deluxe's photo About the Author: Sarah lives in Austin, TX, where she programs films at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sarah enjoys fancy cocktails, dance parties and anything that sparkles (except vampires).