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The Official FYA June 2012 Calendar

Surprise! Your June calendar is here a day early. The only thing better would be if it came with that bottle of wine.

The Official FYA June 2012 Calendar

wish this meant it was now officially June 1, and therefore Friday, but I don't have that superpower ... yet. I do have the power to give you the June calendar early -- June is my and my kid's birthday month, so I'm allowed to get a little excited. This month, we bring you our version of Anna and the French Kiss

As usual, the original for comparison:

Your calendars -- a printable one and a desktop wallpaper! Enjoy!

[Click here to download the printable calendar.]


[Click the picture to download the wallpaper. The wallpaper is 1440x960 -- you may fiddle with your desktop settings (like "stretch to fill screen" or "center" or whatever) to get it to fit.]

Admit it -- no matter how swoony St. Clair is, it's totally OK to look longingly at that wine instead.

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