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FYA Stalks: A.S. King

An FYA Book Club talks to author A.S. King about her books, chicken farming, and porn. 

FYA Stalks: A.S. King
Her superpowers include getting covertastic art design and putting child rapists behind bars. HELL YEAH. A.S. KING PUTS CHILD RAPISTS BEHIND BARS.

One day, the FYA DC book club had a dream, and that dream was to stalk authors. Smarty Pants Sue W., last seen rambling about Peeta, talks about their latest adventure.

It all began so innocently.  First, Alix entered the FYA DC book club in a contest for a Skype session with Sara Zarr.  We won, we Skyped, we made heart-shaped everything. Drunk on victory, we stalked Mike Mullin next, and over sangria he told us he was going to buy a new tooth with his royalties (update: he's naming the tooth after Ashfall).

Now nothing will stop us until we have stalked all the authors.  We will go to the underworld and talk quantum physics with Madeleine L'Engle.  We will buy chocolates from Robert Cormier and forge swords with Lloyd Alexander. Yes.

But first, let me tell you about our date with A.S. King!  Like the best stories, this story begins with chickens.

A long time ago, A.S. King wrote a blog post about how writing books is like raising chickens. A less long time ago, some disorderly person left an overly enthusiastic blog comment about how Flannery O'Connor and James Tiptree, Jr. were ALSO chicken-farming literary badasses.  When we found out that the Nebula Awards were in DC this year and Everybody Sees the Ants was nominated (technically for the Andre Norton YA award), we invented a cocktail in her honor.

Pagoda Punch

Pagoda in Reading, PA

1 liter Japanese sake
2 cups citrus-y herbal tea, brewed strong (say, 4 teabags of Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange)
2 cups Italian soda (or soda water and sugar, whatevs)
a few shots of vanilla vodka to taste

Let everything blend overnight except the soda, then add soda right before serving to give it some sparkle.  Actually, next time I might try fridge-brewing the teabags in the soda (did I just blow your mind?) so that the punch can have 4 cups of sparkles without losing flavor.

Why Pagoda Punch?  Because if you drink enough Pagoda Punch, you'll have an omniscient POV.  Also because the pagoda in Please Ignore Vera Dietz was abandoned after it couldn't get a liquor license, and that is just too sad. 

Stuff we learned:

1. The pagoda is real.

2. A.S. King used to deliver pizza, and the naked pizza customer in Vera Dietz is totally real.

3. A.S. King writes from the 7 1/2 floor.  No really, her writing hideout is a bang-your-head-on-the-ceiling basement, Malkovich style, which explains so much about all that is weird and awesome in her books. 

4. A.S. King's top-secret current project involves both lice and porn.  We can't tell you the hilarious thing she told us, but we are SO LOOKING FORWARD to Project Lice&Porn.  (A quick room survey revealed that most of the FYA DC-ers have had lice at some point in our lives, no judgment.)

5. In real life, A.S. King is a superhero.

Her superpowers include getting covertastic art design and putting child rapists behind bars.  HELL YEAH.  A.S. KING PUTS CHILD RAPISTS BEHIND BARS.  If you've read Everybody Sees the Ants you know that Lucky gets involved in the Vagina Monologues, and of course A.S. King does that in real life.  Her V-Day production is always a fundraiser for finding and prosecuting child rapists.  A quarter of drug offenders are caught and convicted, but only 5% of child rapists actually face the consequences, so here's to the War on Child Rapists.

Then A.S. King told us about an insanely cool thing that all y'all should start thinking about for your own towns: a whole town read Please Ignore Vera Dietz.  Two librarians in Westborough, MA got 500 copies of the book and gave them to teens, parents, senior citizens, college students, thirtysomethings, the mayor, and EVERYBODY IN TOWN.  Then the whole town had something to talk about.  You can just imagine parents telling their kids "We never did that when we were your age," and then the grandparents would be like, "Dude, you totally did that."  How cool is that? 

In conclusion, A.S. King is a superhero.  Also she has a giant tattoo of a giant squid.

A.S. King shows us the real pagoda while Alix shows us the real pagoda punch.

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