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BEA 2012: Nerd Out With Your Book Out

A recap of our adventures at the 2012 Book Cocktail Expo of America

BEA 2012: Nerd Out With Your Book Out

The Book Expo of America is a massive conference in NYC that brings together every aspect of publishing, from book sellers to authors to every single publishing company, ever.

It's also a GREAT excuse to drink cocktails.

(l-r) Siobhan Vivian, Lenore Appelhans, Leila Sales, Natalie Standiford, Posh Deluxe & Meghan

This is the third year we've attended BEA (2011 recap, 2010 recap), and according to our scientific observations, we've discovered an increasingly inverse relationship between our Cocktail Panels and Time Spent At Javitz (where the expo is actually held). In other words, we've FINALLY gotten our priorities in order.

Meghan and I arrived on Saturday and met up with Lenore at our hotel (hello, slumber party), then headed to The Clover Club to drink insanely delicious craft cocktails with some of our fave YA authors. Pro-tip: When a bar gives you the "extra" liquor in a separate glass, you know the place is LEGIT. And also OUR FAVORITE.

We dished about boys, our lives, and of course, books! Natalie gave us a copy of her new one, The Secret Tree, while Siobhan talked up her upcoming release, cowritten by Jenny Han, Burn for Burn. We also got the scoop from Leila but I'm not allowed to spill the beans... yet.

BEA isn't a race, it's a marathon, which is why we had to make sure to stay hydrated inebriated at all times. On Sunday, we brunched at Penelope, a completely adorable restaurant recommended by Faye (our contact at Little, Brown), who also joined us. Y'all, they make their mimosas with ROSÈ champagne. THAT IS CLASSY.

They also serve incredibly enormous cinnamon rolls, which Leila diplomatically sliced so we wouldn't maul each other for the gooey goodness. (P.S. That's our pal Emily from Scholastic on the left.)

After doing some work (lame!), Meghan, a recently arrived Jenny and I meandered over to our next Cocktail Panel, featuring some of our best blogger friends! On the way, we made a V. EXCITING DISCOVERY.


When we arrived at the bar, we were greeted by so many beautiful faces! And cocktails!

(l-r) Anna from Anna Reads, Jamie from Broke and Bookish, Michelle from Galleysmith, Jenny, and April from Good Books, Good Wine.

After enjoying some bevvies and convo, we all walked to the Simon & Schuster party, which was wisely booked at a venue with a full bar. Plus, the S&S folks had framed covers of their buzzworthy YA books above the liquor, which instantly created a v. positive association in my mind.

This was probably the most well-organized party we attended, with Jenny Han interviewing several authors of upcoming YA releases. Not only did Jenny ask hilarious questions (Do, Die or Marry!) but she was also lucky enough to interview fabulous ladies like Lenore Appelhans...

... and Siobhan Vivian! LOVE YOU WOMAN.

Did I mention there was a drinking game? THERE WAS A DRINKING GAME. Oh, Simon & Schuster, you know us TOO WELL.

The other highlight of the party: Lenore's book, Level Two! It's finally here! And we all got copies of it!! HOLLA!

Congratulations, Lenore! You are so bona fide!

Exhausted from our book nerding, we headed to a local diner to refuel. Because we are professionals.

On Monday, I spoke on a panel at the BEA Bloggers Convention. Instead of recapping it, I'm going to point you to my co-panelist, Thea, and her post about it over at The Book Smugglers, because she is far more articulate than I. Plus, I need to conserve space in this post for MORE COCKTAIL PANELS.

Speaking of! We held one on Monday at Sweet and Vicious with Siobhan Vivian and veteran panelist Bennett Madison (three years in a row!), who told us all about his upcoming novel, September Girls. WE CANNOT WAIT TO GET OUR GRABBY LITTLE HANDS ON IT. Also, is it just me, or does Bennett's hair get even more extraordinary with each year?

I had to duck out of our Cocktail Panel early to moderate a Cocktail-less Panel over at the McNally Jackson book store with some severely sassy Penguin authors! Check out this gorgeous line-up:

(l-r) Ally Condie, Andrea Cremer, Marie Lu, Michelle Hodkin, Adele Griffin. (Not pictured, because she got there after I took the photo: Tonya Hurley)

Y'all, I had a BLAST moderating this panel! Not only were these ladies completely articulate and charming, they also thoughtfully considered my hard-hitting questions about BFF charms and swoonworthy moments. I was particularly excited to hear Marie talk about the upcoming sequel to Legend, and Adele and I totally bonded over our confusion surrounding the quarter-operated bathroom door. (Ah, New York!)

Bonus: At the bookstore, I got to meet Danielle, a member of the FYA Manhattan Book Club! VIVA YANGELISM!

Next up on le schedule was the Harper Collins Blogger Party, where we caught up with our girl Angie over at Angieville and made some mischief with the two fiercest book bloggers on the planet, Thea and Ana! You know how sometimes, people aren't as cool as their internet personas? Yeah, that is SO not the case with these two.

And because we can always drink more in the name of literature, we had late night cocktails and food with FYA fave Mike Mullin and his wife, Margaret!

Mike later managed to do the unthinkable: Make Javitz entertaining! The dude put his black belt in Taekwondo to use and showed people (like Jenny!) how to break blocks of wood with their BARE HANDS. WHAT.

The only other cool thing at Javitz was watching Lenore sign copies of her upcoming book at the Apocalypsies event. You guys, she's KIND OF A BIG DEAL.

Bee tee dubs that's Chelsy on the right, our gal pal from Big Honcho. I ended up having a Cocktail Panel with her and her associate, Brittany (below), who is also a member of the Manhattan FYA Book Club! REPRESENT!

We were happy to run into our girl Maggie (Maggie's Bookshelf) who I met two years ago at the Book Blogger Convention. Maggie has been blogging for a few years and just graduated from high school, which means she is WAY ahead of us in both goals and maturity. Maggie, we can't wait to see where this next year takes you!

Tuesday night, we hit up not one but THREE parties beginning with the fancy pants Penguin soiree at the top of The Standard. Y'all, this place is SWANK.

You would think that a party this deluxe would be filled with celebrities. And YOU WOULD BE RIGHT. Why, look over there, it's Maureen Johnson and John Green!

In spite of my best efforts, I managed to completely swimfan all over John Green (but hey, I MET HIM! I FINALLY MET JOHN GREEN YOU GUYS! AND IT WAS NOT PRETTY!), but fortunately I regained my sanity enough to seem kind of normal when talking to Maile Meloy (!), Bob Balaban (!) and Kristin Cashore (!!!!!). Kristin Cashore told me that she particularly enjoyed our use of the phrase "panty melting" to describe Katsa and Po. YOU'RE WELCOME, KRISTIN.

Next we headed over to the Little, Brown party, themed as a speakeasy in honor of Libba Bray's upcoming novel, The Diviners. There was a secret password to gain entrance and fedoras and flapper headbands and cocktails in tea cups and yeah, it was pretty dang adorable. Our pal Faye was working it, and I mean WORKIN' IT in her fetching red flapper costume.

Our last stop for the night was Lenore's agency party in Brooklyn, and, fitting with the location, it was probably the hippest event we attended. Upon seeing a girl with American Apparel Southwestern print leggings walk in, Leila leaned over and said, "Uh, based on the fashion on display, I'm pretty sure most of the people here have nothing to do with publishing at all." It definitely felt like a smaller version of that warehouse party in GIRLS (awkward dancing included), which means it was definitely awesome. Plus, we got to see deeply talented writer and all around fabulous lady Rebecca Serle!

Even though Rebecca continuously fails to understand the hotness of Jordan Catalano, we love her anyway.

Sadly, Meghan and I had to depart on Wednesday, but Jenny got to stick around and attend one final party... at Katherine Tegen's house! WHAT WHAT! Thankfully, Jenny did what one should always do when finding oneself at a ridiculously rich person's house: she took a picture of the bathroom.

And on that note, I'll conclude this recap of our 2012 BEA Adventures. I'm already counting down the days til next year! (I can't say the same for my liver.)

Posh Deluxe's photo About the Author: Sarah lives in Austin, TX, where she programs films at the Alamo Drafthouse. Sarah enjoys fancy cocktails, dance parties and anything that sparkles (except vampires).