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Teen Wolf 2x4: Abomination

A pictorial recap of MTV's Teen Wolf, an entire show for which this week's episode title is especially apt.

Teen Wolf 2x4: Abomination

Previous episode: "Ice Pick"

Honestly, you guys, I don't know what this world is coming to. Two weeks without an ab count? HOW am I going to last an entire summer of this show? On the plus side, there were several high points this week.

•  Grandpa Tigh is back! I love that guy, especially when he pulls the doddering old man/Colombo act.

•  Lydia gets better and better. I'm really digging the smart and unbalanced girl hidden behind a Mean Girl facade.

•  A wolf-pack training montage AND a sports montage! Chug!

•  Please let every single episode end with a fight scene in an unlikely place, like an ice rink or a swimming pool. Where will next week's fight scene be? A square dance? Ski slopes?








Grandpa: Oh, you crazy kids. A breakup's not that bad.
Mom: Why did you break up?
Scott: She … dumped me?
Grandpa: Oh, the passion! Like Romeo and Juliet.
Dad: No ritual suicide in here. I can kill Scott without his help.







The end! What is the name of that lizard shapeshifter thing -- did anyone manage to catch it? Also, did you know THERE'S A TEEN WOLF WIKI, where people go and argue and get all het up about the minutia of this show?!? Who knew? It's ... entertaining.

Next episode: "Venomous"

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