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Trailer Party: Get Pitch Slapped

Welcome to Trailer Party! This time we take a look at the trailers for Dark Knight Rises, The Watch, The Babymakers, Pitch Perfect and Anna Karenina.

Trailer Party: Get Pitch Slapped

Summer time is movie time!  Something I have never understood, since why do we want to watch movies when we can spend time outside in the beautiful weather?  Except that I am trapped in a city, far away from swimmable water, and now I’m starting to remember the appeal of summer movies.  Anyway, welcome back to TRAILER PARTY, an FYA feature where we watch movie trailers and gush about/hate on them.  I’ve picked out five trailers from movies coming out this summer and fall and they’re a mixed bag.  So let’s check them out!


Release Date: July 20, 2012

Casting Call: With the Joker no longer an option, we had to be offered a new Big Bad for this sequel.  Enter Bane, a Batman nemesis who hasn’t even been alive as long as I have and really doesn’t do much for me.  He’s best known for that one time he broke Batman’s back (don’t worry...apparently being a paraplegic isn’t permanent, if you’re Batman).  Bane is being played by Tom Hardy, who I love, but I kind of think it should be a federal crime to make someone as beautiful as Tom Hardy as ugly as this movie has.  And we get Nolan’s first take on Catwoman, which I was super excited about until he picked Anne Hathaway.  Sigh.  But Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing some ambiguous cop role, so that's nice.

Most Fist-Pump-Worthy Moment: Eh?

Bonus Factor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face.

Theater, Netflix or Sick Day: Theater, obviously.  It’s not like I’m even all that excited to see this movie (at least relatively, when I compare myself to others), but of course I’m going to see it in theaters.  And you’re going to see it.  And everybody we’ve ever met once is going to see it.  And we are going to give it all of our money. Because Christopher Nolan is a dark wizard and we are all under his spell.


Release Date: July 27, 2012

Casting Call: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade round out the main cast in this comedy.  I find ¾ of those choices appealing.  I will leave it to you to figure out who is not my friend.  It won’t be that hard.  Also, this is directed by Akiva, he of the interesting name and of The Lonely Island fame.

Most Fist-Pump-Worthy Moment: Maybe not fist-pumpy, but the scene about the Magnum condoms sure did make me LOL.

Bonus Factor: Aliens!  I loves me a good alien invasion story.

Theater, Netflix or Sick Day: Well, the trailer made me laugh, so that’s promising.  But comedy trailers have been known to trick me by blowing their load and using all of their funniest moments up front in the trailer.  So this one is waffling between theater and Netflix, with future reviews being the final deciding factor.


Release Date: August 3, 2012

Casting Call: Olivia “You’re Just Jealous” Munn and that guy who thought he was too good for Parks and Rec?  Uhhhh.  Well, I like Aisha Tyler, so I guess that’s something.

Most Fist-Pump-Worthy Moment: Much like Paul Schneider’s character, my fist was impotent and remained firmly unpumped throughout this trailer.

Bonus Factor: Are baby comedies going to be a new thing?  Because I am beyond not feeling it.  Babies are an anti-bonus factor for me when it comes to movie plots.

Theater, Netflix or Sick Day: Sick day, definitely. Preferably while feverish.


Release Date: October 5, 2012

Casting Call: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and a bunch of other ladies.  After poking around the wikipedia page, it looks like all (or most) of the cast can really sing themselves, so yay!

Most Fist-Pump-Worthy Moment: Anything and everything “Fat” Amy does.  Seriously, put Rebel Wilson in ALL THE MOVIES.

Bonus Factor: I absolutely LOVE young adult comedies centered around a highly specific extracurricular activity.  And as soon as I saw this trailer, it was like HOW HAS THEIR NEVER BEEN AN A CAPPELLA THEMED MOVIE BEFORE, I NEED THIS IN MY LIIIFE??!  Although, based on the trailer, this is no way resembles my college a cappella experience.  If so, that trailer would be dripping with booze and sound terribly off-key.

Theater, Netflix or Sick Day: Theater!  I want this movie!  I want it RIGHT NOW!


Release Date: November 9, 2012

Casting Call:  Look.  Before she dies, EVERY classic of literature will be remade to star Keira Knightley.  DON’T FIGHT IT, there is nothing you can do to stop it.  Also in this film - Jude Law and Aaron Johnson, who I didn’t even recognize, since he seems wildly out of place in this kind of costume drama.

Most Fist-Pump-Worthy Moment: THE TRAIN!  (Hahahaha, I couldn't help it.)

Bonus Factor: The costumes, the scenery!  All of the sweeping cinematography and lovely music.  Also, screenplay by Tom Stoppard?  This movie looks to have all the trappings needed for an Oscar sweep.

Theater, Netflix or Sick Day: This is going to probably be theater for most of you, but Netflix for me.  Only because I am super terrible about seeing high quality dramas in the theater.  I’m always like “Oh, I have GOT to go see such and such movie, it will probably win best picture!”  And then I get lazy and don’t.  And Netflix it a year later.

So which of these movies, if any, are you most excited to see?  What other summer and fall films are you dying for?  Share your thoughts or trailers in the comments below!

Megan Crane's photo About the Author: Megan is an unabashed fangirl who is often in a state of panic about her inability to watch, read and play all the things.