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Intern Wanted (To Make Us Look Good)

While we can't promise you a closet of fabulous clothes, we can promise that we'll be nicer than Miranda Priestly.

Intern Wanted (To Make Us Look Good)

As y'all know, we recently moved to a shiny new space with a fancy pants format. We love our new look, but just like plastic surgery, our transformation came with a few unexpected complications. And since we haven't been able to find time in our busy pants-dropping blogging schedule to correct some of the formatting problems with our old posts, we've decided that we need an intern!

And that's where you might come in! We're looking for someone with about 30-40 spare hours on their hands to help us reformat our old book reports. You don't need to know html or really have much technical savy, you just need to have the patience to go through our archive of reports and update a few of their aspects. And in return for helping us out, look what you get!

- Free books and ARCs! Many many free books and ARCs! Like, at least 40!

- Three guest posts

- Linkage to your site on our site

Plus, you'll make us feel super important, because we've always wanted an intern! It's just too bad we can't send you out on champ can errands.

If you're interested, send us an email at foreveryoungadult[at]

This internship is open to anyone living anywhere!
Update: We've received a ton of emails from fabulous people, so we are no longer accepting applications as of 11AM CST June 30. Thanks y'all!
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