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The Official FYA July 2012 Calendar

Let's celebrate July 4th with a calendar page in the style of the classic patriotic history series from our childhoods, American Girl.

The Official FYA July 2012 Calendar

Did you ever wonder what happened to Felicity, Samantha, and Kirsten when they grew up? Are you young enough to have read about Julie or one of the other late-20th-century girls? Here's what we think the YA version of American Girl might look like. Presenting Neveah, an all-American girl, all grown up. Tempted into a life of parties and celebrity by her generation's fascination with reality stars, Neveah set off for Hollywood determined to be the new It Girl. She found out she was It, all right, but at what price? Can Neveah learn to be a teen sensation and party girl without ending up in rehab?

[Click here to download the printable calendar.]

[Click the picture to download the wallpaper. The wallpaper is 1440x960 -- you may fiddle with your desktop settings (like "stretch to fill screen" or "center" or whatever) to get it to fit.]

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