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Awkward 2x2: Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary

In which Ming gets involved with the Asian version of The Craft, and Matty gives us a sad.

Awkward 2x2: Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary

Previous episode: "Resolutions"

Can I just say again how great it is to watch a show on Thursday night and have it NOT be The Secret Circle? Thank you, Awkward, for totally not sucking! Although, with that said, I felt like last night's episode was kiiiinda weak. It still had some zingers, but overall, it didn't really pack a punch... well, until the last five minutes. Then it was like DANG.

Fave slang/phrase:  "Amasian!" -Tamara.

Matty or Jake (who won this episode): Matty

OMG moment: Teen Mom tells Teen Dad about the letter!

Here's what happened:

Jake and Jenna are holding hands... IN PUBLIC! They are so together! Adorbs! Except for Jenna's outfit, which is... seriously, what is that? Then Jenna finds out that the school installed a camera to monitor The Sanctuary, the "total petrie dish" beneath the bleachers where everyone (including Jenna and Matty) goes to hook up. Everyone immediately freaks out. "We've been TMZed!" But Ming, who is squeaky clean per usual, has the best reaction: "It's a good day to be Asian."

Later, Jake freaks out to Matty about Jenna not being a virgin. I get why it bothers him, but dude is THIS CLOSE to being a jerk about it. And props to Matty for telling Jake to let it go. Way to be mature (for once), Matty!

Principal Cox comes in to Valerie's office and asks her to help him find the video tape. Val agrees by slipping on her "Murder She Wrote" glasses, which don't look like "Murder She Wrote" glasses at all. LOVE YOU VAL. When Jenna comes into her office, Val pretends to be Tony Blair in order to find out about the Sanctuary and where the tape might be. As always, Valerie's actions make no sense and thus are IMMENSELY ENTERTAINING.

During lunch, Tamara and Jenna suggest that Ming go sit with the Asians, because they know everything, so obviously they'll know about the tape. This is one of the rare times when I wonder if the show is crossing a line, specifically the line that separates humor from racism. Ming sits across from Becca, an uptight looking girl in a horrible sweater, who asks if she's a "school Asian" or a "cool Asian." After a few questions, Becca determines that Ming is... white.

Back at home, Jenna can't believe that her mom won't admit that she wrote the letter. Instead, Teen Mom is overcompensating by making all of Jenna's favorite foods, which is an AWESOME maneuver, and I can't believe Jenna isn't appreciating it more. There's so much food on that table! Is it just me or is Jenna kinda weird in this episode?

Later, she finally confronts Teen Mom in person about the letter, and it's a pretty legit scene of tears and anger. Then there's a montage of people spilling their secrets to the camera but it didn't do much for me so I didn't take notes.

The next day in the locker room, Jake tells Matty that he's really into Jenna, but her relationship with this past mystery guy is bumming him out. "I just assumed she was a virgin." At first I thought boy was gonna need to get face punched, but then he admitted that it's not the sex, it's the fact that Jenna was in love with another guy (and might still be). Cue Matty's mind being blown and Jake being an idiot for not noticing.

Matty races over to the parking lot to find Jenna and blurts out that he loves her. It's probably one of Matty's best moments, complete with an adorable grin. Before Jenna can react, Jake shows up to take her home. In the car, he tells her that he doesn't want to know who the other guy is. He is lyyyyyying.

The next day, Tamara cautions Jenna that the tape is being released that day, and she should seriously tell Jake about Matty. "This tape is a terrorist backpack, and it's entering the open market place of your relationship!" In surprising news, I actually like Tamara's sweater. 

Ming runs into Becca, who gives her the DVD of the security cam and tells her that Jenna's not on it. (However, it does feature the Principal and VP totally hooking up.) Now Ming owes her a favor! Oh shizz. I figured out which kind of Asian Becca is: a creepy Asian!

Before Ming can give the DVD to Jenna, Valerie swipes it and hands it to the Principal. He, of course, assumes that she's seen him giving a sex touch to the Vice Principal, so when she demands some respect, he tells her she can have whatever she wants... which is apparently what Becca planned all along! She wanted payback for the VP not letting the Asians park in visitor parking. And now Valerie is the new VP! HOLLA!!!!! I predict some excellent bureaucratic shenanigans.

Unfortunately, now Ming is in deep with the Asian crowd and scared shizzless about it. "Hello Kitty played me like her sacrificial pawn!"

Matt texts Jenna to meet him at the Sanctuary so he can tell her that they're not on the tape. She's all, "Ok, later," and poor Matty is crestfallen. What about the fact that he loves her? Jenna doesn't want to keep secrets from Jake because she cares about him. He doesn't make her feel bad about herself like Matty did. When Jenna tells him this, you can literally see his heart breaking. He tells her that he's sorry, and it's obvious he means it. Jenna starts to walk away, but Matty makes her promise first not to tell Jake, because he can't handle losing his best friend too. Oh man, I totally has a sad for Matty!

Back at home, Jenna posts another blog entry about whether she should tell Jake about Matty. In a ridiculously timely fashion, she gets two comments. "Is it your secret to tell?" She goes downstairs and tells Teen Mom that she won't say anything to Teen Dad about the letter. "That's your secret to tell, not mine."

But then OH SHIZZ Teen Mom tells Teen Dad anyway!!!! INFO BOMB!

Upstairs, Jake comes through Jenna's bedroom window after she invited him over to tell him something important. Y'ALL WHAT IS SHE GOING TO SAY? She admits that... she's not in love with the other guy. "I am completely and totally invested in you." Invested? Not in LOVE? Well, it's still a sweet moment. Enjoy it while it lasts, Jake! Because based on the preview for next week, it looks like Matty is gunning for your girl! In a v. hot shirtless way!

So what did y'all think? While Matty definitely won this episode, I still felt like Jake gained some points at the v. end with his whole "I want you to feel comfortable telling me anything" speech. But how long will it take for him to find out the truth?

I'm also super impressed with Teen Mom for finally coming clean. Although it looks like this means we might see less of Teen Dad's hotness. BOO.

And did you feel like the show got a little be racist, or did it sneak out of that hole with Becca's "Everyone's a racist" line? LET US CONVO.

Next episode: "Three's a Crowd"

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