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Teen Wolf 2x8: Raving

Raving is what Meghan's going to be if she has to watch much more of this show. Stark raving.

Teen Wolf 2x8: Raving

Previous episode: "Restraint"

Before we go to the show, I have to share this screenshot of my search results from earlier tonight, and let's all take a moment to look at some of the TOP SUGGESTED SEARCHES. That means that A LOT OF PEOPLE who watch this show have searched for these exact words. 

Implications sinking in? Yeah? Ok. Moving on. The show!



















WTF? Where did all these new story arcs come from? I guess they felt they needed to justify next season's planned 24 episodes (and before you ask, NO FUCKING WAY am I watching it next season. Especially if it comes on later than 8 pm).

Next episode: "Party Guessed"

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