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How to be a Ladynerd:  Host an Olympics Opening Ceremonies Party!

Alix, Erin and Megan are here to be your Summer Olympics 2012 experts!  Our Highly Scientific Coverage begins with teaching you how to host the perfect Opening Ceremonies party, complete with a drinking game.  Obvs.

How to be a Ladynerd:  Host an Olympics Opening Ceremonies Party!

YOU GUYS!!  The Olympics are almost here!!  Next Friday marks the Opening Ceremonies, and like any good LadyNerds, we're already planning our Opening Ceremonies party.  Which basically involve us, drunk, yelling at the tv.  At least in my house, anyway.

But!  To host an Opening Ceremonies party in legitimate LadyNerd fashion, you need to have drinks!  And drinking games!  And decor!

Crafty Decor Ideas:

Patriotic Pinwheels

Celebrate the country (or countries!) of your choosing with these fun and easy pinwheels!

This craft is super easy and super fun, if you're an exacting Type A-hole, like me  So much precision involved!

WHAT YOU NEED:  Various paper, double-sided tape, scissors, hole punch and bone folder (the last three are optional)

STEP ONE:  Gather various papers in the colors of your country of choice.  You don't want any paper that's heavier than text weight (i.e. no cardstock).  Go for a mixture of patterns - it'll make it look more fun!

STEP TWO:  To make a paper pinwheel, you need two sheets of equal sized paper.  This can be two actual sheets of paper, or a sheet of paper that's been cut into equal halves, etc.  Just depends on how big you want your pinwheels!

STEP THREE:  Make a fold (about an inch, but no need to be specific about it) in the bottom (short side) of your paper.  Then flip the paper over and fold it again.  Then flip the paper over and fold again.  Keep making these accordian folds until your paper is completely folded.

STEP FOUR:  If you want your pinwheels to have more of a "flower" look to them, you can trim the edges of the folds.  Entirely up to you!

STEP FIVE:  For added interest, use a hole punch to punch holes near the edges of the folds.  Or make little triangle cut outs like I did.  Or leave it plain!  Entirely up to you!

STEP SIX:  Fold your folded paper in half.  I like to use a bone folder to make the folds more precise, but it's not necessary.

STEP SEVEN:  Using double-sided tape, tape the two folds together where they meet.  Once you do that, you should have a half-circle.

STEP EIGHT:  Repeat the process with another sheet of paper, and then using the double-sided tape, tape the two half-circles together.

Et voila!  It takes like three minutes to make one of these.  Once you have a group of them, you can string them up in a garland, or hang a few together to display.  Here's a picture of some that are hanging on the wall in my bedroom:


Ribbon Wands

My favorite part of Opening Ceremonies is seeing tiny little countries proudly waving their flags during the parade.  I am going to join them!  From the comfort of my couch, obviously, cause I am in no way an Olympian.

Ribbon wands are ridiculously easy (and cheap) to make.  Got any kids in your life (or ravers on ecstasy)?  They'll love these.

WHAT YOU NEED: wooden dowels, ribbon, hot glue gun

STEP ONE:  Get ribbons of various colors and widths.  I used three types of ribbon.

STEP TWO:  Cut the ribbons to one length.  I find a good length is a little longer than arm length, but it depends on whether you want to use these inside or outside, I guess.

STEP THREE:  Knot all the ribbons around one end of a wooden dowel.  (Dowels are super cheap - I bought a pack of 8 for 99 cents at JoAnn's Fabrics.)  Use hot glue to keep the knot secure.

That's it!  They're so simple!  And fun to wave around!  Hey, maybe I'm a raver on ecstasy!


Marble Magnets:

Y'all, I am OBSESSED with making these right now.  My fridge has approximately 40 marble magnets of various color and design on it, because I just can't stop making them.  I'm going to have to start making magnetic chalkboards solely so that I have a new magnetic surface to put these on.  They're so fun and easy and you get to comb through old magazines, too!

WHAT YOU NEED:  Flat-bottom glass marbles (you can usually find these in the vase-filler or flower dept at any craft store), magnets, Mod Podge (or 3 parts elmer's glue to 1 part water), a strong glue like Tiger Bond, and old magazines, paper, cardstock, old cards, etc.

STEP ONE:  Using one of your glass marbles as the guide, trace a picture from a magazine, card, drawing, whatever.  Pro Tip:  Don't go crazy and use the one marble to trace lots of things.  These marbles are all differently shaped and none are perfectly round, so if you use one marble to trace lots of images, then those images won't line up with different marbles.  Make sense?

STEP TWO:  Cut that business out!

STEP THREE:  Apply a layer of Mod Podge onto the cut-out paper.  You want to apply the glue to the actual image/paper that you want to make into a magnet.  Don't worry; Mod Podge dries clear.

STEP FOUR:  Press the marble on top of the glue-layered image.  Press down to get all the air bubbles out.  I usually hold them down for about 10 seconds.

STEP FIVE: After you've given the Mod Podge a bit of time to dry, flip the marble over.  Apply a very small amount of Tiger Bond (or any other really strong glue) to the back, and then press a magnet down over the glue.  You'll want to give this time to dry before you put your magnet on the fridge.  I usually make them at night; by the next morning, they're totally dry and ready to rock.

STEP SIX:  Put your magnet on your fridge.  Congratulate yourself on having made someting so cute!  Here's one I made of a bicycle!

(To make these patriotic?  Try making marbles of classic designs, like a Union Jack, or the Liberty Bell.  I decided to mimic parts of the American flag without actually making a flag, but you could also make a mini flag marble of your choice!  Just cut out strips of paper and arrange them on a sheet of paper to look like your country's flag.  Then just trace the marble over that and cut the whole thing out.)

Snacks and Beverages

Once you have your decorations, it’s time to think about what to serve at your party. Obviously, a LadyNerd hostess always provides some snacks and beverages herself, but you should also consider potluck options. For instance, create a sign-up sheet in Google Docs for your friends to each represent their favorite country, or better yet, set up a potluck drink bar.

What You’ll Need:

Creative friends

Have each of your friends bring ingredients for an Olympic-themed drink, preferably relating to a specific country. Have them draw a flag and write their recipe on a piece of paper, and tape recipe over the bar.

Start off the recipe wall with some thematic drinks of your own:

Olympic Torch Shooter

1/2 oz of grenadine
1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz of Cointreau

Layer grenadine, vodka and Cointreau in a shot glass. Use a lighter to ignite the Cointreau.* Rapidly drink shooter through straw.**

*Cointreau should be at least room temperature to ignite. In general, 80-proof liquor is on the low end of what is easily flammable, so anything colder will be reluctant to light. You should also work quickly, or the evaporation of the alcohol will also make the shot harder to light.

**Commit to drinking this shot. If you second guess yourself, your straw will start to melt and then everything will go to hell.

Rusty Bronze Medal

2 oz scotch
1/2 oz drambuie
1oz ginger beer

Serve on the rocks in a lowball glass.

Afternoon Tea (UK)

1 1/2 oz earl grey infused gin
1 oz lemon juice
tsp honey
cucumber slices, centers removed

Combine lemon juice, honey, ice, and gin in a cocktail shaker. Shake well. Serve straight up in a teacup. Garnish with (English) cucumber rings.

The Ryan Lochte (USA!)

1 oz ABSinthe
1/2 oz curacao
2 oz lemonade
Maraschino cherry

Combine Absinthe, curacao, lemonade and ice in a cocktail shaker. Serve straight up in a lowball glass. Garnish with cherry.

Usain Bolt (Jamaica)

1 oz red bull
1 oz light rum

Serve on the rocks in a lowball glass.

Official Drinking Game

Now that you have sustenance and beverages, you just need one thing for your party: an official Opening Ceremony drinking game! Don’t worry, we have you covered:

Game Opening: Drink a toast to Queen Elizabeth II!

The Pre-Game: Parade of Nations

Take a drink every time you see a team so tiny that it makes you feel bad.
Take a shot every time you see a team wearing berets.
Finish your drink when you see A’MERICA!  (or your home team.  But
ALSO when you see A’MERICA!)

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony “The Isles of Wonder” Drinking Game

Note: Since the opening ceremonies are always shrouded in secrecy,
these drinking rules can and should be subject to change.  Improvise!


During the playing of the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world

Take a small sip:

Every time you see a farm animal (that includes water fowl!)
For every “iconic” British song you recognize

Take a long drink:

When you see a cricket match
When you see Paul McCartney for the first time
When you see Elton John for the first time
When you see George Michael for the first time
When you see Annie Lennox for the first time
When you see Adele for the first time

Take a shot:

When you hear the theme from Doctor Who


Do coke when you see Kate Moss
Throw a phone at someone when you see Naomi Campbell


We'll be posting more Olympics coverage in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. How are you going to celebrate the Opening Ceremonies?


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