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Now Presenting the FYA Gold Medal For Sexy

Megan, Alix, and Erin are here as your Summer Olympics experts! Our Highly Scientific Coverage continues by bringing you a rundown of some of the sexiest olympians London 2012 has to offer.

Now Presenting  the FYA Gold Medal For Sexy

FYA continues its mission to provide you with London 2012 Olympics coverage, specifically tailored to your wants and needs.  Last week we gave you some ideas for your Opening Ceremony party.  This week we take a look at some of the London athletes.  Instead of focusing on their athletic ability (which is a given...I mean, I’m never going to be an Olympian!), we are giving out FYA Gold Medals in Sexy!

So how did we find our sexy Olympians?  Well, this is the kind of post that required quite a bit of “research”.  And that “research” required quite a bit of googling.  There are certainly more sexy olympians than those we featured, but this is a good starting point.*

So bring on the sexy! 

*This post focused on those sports/events that don’t have a huge following outside of the Olympics (so no soccer, basketball, tennis, golf).  We can talk about those guys and gals all year around - so we chose to focus on those we only hear about once every four years.

Ryan Lochte, Team USA, Swimming

Ryan Lochte is basically the golden boy/poster child of the olympics, at least for those of us supporting Team USA.  He gets mad endorsements, lots of media attention and Alix even created a drink named after him.  Does he deserve all this attention?  Well, let’s see:

1. Boy looks GOOD. Damn, son!
2. He medals.
3. He’s not Michael Phelps.

That’s what I call a triple threat!  And don’t get me started Phelps.  He will not be showing up in this post.  Not only is he not cute, that dude seems like a walking Gardasil ad.

Jack Green, Team Great Britain, Sprinting

Jack Green is a British sprinter who (as described by Alix) looks like he just walked off the set of a 90s teen movie.  Were there any 90s teen movies set in UK boarding schools?  Someone make me that teen movie!

Richard Kruse, Team Great Britain, Fencing

Aldo Montano, Team Italy, Fencing

Daryl Homer, Team USA, Fencing

Race Imboden, Team USA, Fencing

DANG, fencers of the world!  In the word’s of the great Arya Stark...stick them with the pointy end.  HEYO!

Teddy Riner, Team France, Judo

I’ve never been all that interested in Olympic Judo.  Now I’m interested.  Fact: Teddy is 6 feet 8 inches tall.  Even better fact: his nickname is Teddy Bear.

Ashton Eaton, Team USA, Decathlon

Adorable.  But don’t let that sweet smile fool you!  Ashton has some seriously NSFW sexy photos out there.  Thank you ESPN body issue.

Hugo Parisi, Team Brazil, Diving

I chose this picture because I wanted you to see Hugo’ really handsome face, which is hard to show off during an action/diving shot.  That said, you need to see this too.

Adam van Koeverden, Team Canada, Kayaking

O Canada, indeed!

David Oliver, Team USA, Hurdles

Now, I’m not usually a fan of the over-muscled look, but exception can (and will!) be made for David Oliver.

And because we’re equal opportunity around here, we have not forgotten the ladies!

Darya Klishina, Team Russia, Long Jump

In the words of Alix, “Darya Klishina is one of the most attractive humans I've ever seen.”  It’s true.  She’s like a goddamn supermodel.  A supermodel that can jump really, really far.

Stephanie Rice, Team Australia, Swimming

Stephanie is one of Australia’s most popular olympians.  Pros: fans love her because she’s known for tweeting photos of herself in bikinis. Cons: Bigoted speech.  So...there's that.

Leryn Franco, Team Paraguay, Javelin

It’s kind of unfair that someone should be talented AND look like this.

This post only scratches the surface of the the sheer volume of beautiful, attractive olympians set to compete in London 2012.  I mean, there is a reason the Olympics Village tends to run out of condoms.  Please let us know your favorite sexy olympians in the comments below.  Pictures are encouraged!

Megan Crane's photo About the Author: Megan is an unabashed fangirl who is often in a state of panic about her inability to watch, read and play all the things.