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Cover Story: Twilight

Erin takes a look at an unknown book called Twilight, which is clearly a Snow White retelling.

Cover Story: Twilight

Happy Monday, FYA!  What did y'all do over the weekend?  I adopted a puppy!!  His name is Gibson!  He's a lab/heeler mix!  He's pretty smart!  I've already taught him how to Heel!  Now if I could just teach him Leave It, Down, and Keep The Hell Away From The Cat; He's Too Old For This Shit.

It's Monday, and on Monday we like to gently lead you into the week with a little judging of a book by its cover.  This week, I've selected Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, a little-known tale that tells the story of a modern day Snow White.  I think, anyway.

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer:

Seventeen year old Neige Blanc used to have everything going for her.  The most beautiful girl in school, she was doted on by her rich father and even mildly tolerated by her self-absorbed stepmother.  Until this summer, that is.  When her father was killed in a brutal car crash, Neige's world fell apart.  Her stepmother kicks her out of the house, and now Neige is alone on the streets of Coney Island.

But when she's taken in by a kindly group of strangers, part of Coney Island's Shortest Man on Earth Show, Neige has it made.  Soon she is surrounded by friends and has even met a handsome, mysterious stranger who she feels instant chemistry with.

But when Neige meets the darkly handsome Les Chasseur, all of her warning signals go off.  Why does he know all about her?  Why does he seem so tortured?  And why can't she stay away?

As the temperatures rise on the island, so does the passion between Neige and Les.  Will Neige fall for Les's charm?  And what happens when she learns the secret Les is hiding?

When the sun goes down, the secrets begin to rise in . . . Twilight.


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