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Teen Wolf 2x10: Fury

In which we get a short lesson in Greek mythology.

Teen Wolf 2x10: Fury

Previous episode: "Party Guessed"

This week's episode alternated between major intensity and major snoozeville, what with the gunfights and exposition-info-dumps. I gotta say, though, any episode featuring Grandpa Gerard is automatically a favorite. That guy just rocks my world -- he's so damn TWISTED, and he really outdid himself this week. Whaddya think -- is he working with Peter Hale, being manipulated by him, or are they independent?

I'm probably the only one who was hoping Jackson was gonna get iced this week, aren't I? He didn't do anything but glower and clench his jaws. Oh, and kill all those sherrif's deputies.

Next episode: "Battlefield"

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