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FYA Stalks: Rebecca Serle

A Forever Young Adult book club hangs out with Rebecca Serle, author of August pick, When You Were Mine.

FYA Stalks: Rebecca Serle

Occassionally, one of our book clubs will hang out with cool authors. This month, the NYC Weekend Edition got to kick it with Rebecca Serle, author of our August book club pick, When You Were Mine. Smarty Pants Danielle Klimashousky and Jess Balun are here to report back, with pictures from Rebecca herself.

Greetings from the NYC Weekend Edition! So, we already have a lot of love for our FYA Book Club. Members saw The Hunger Games together and made “November Cakes” for The Scorpio Races. We usually pick a second book to discuss and most of our correspondence ends "Yay, Book Club!" This is a happy group, but our August meeting took it to the next level.

You guys, Rebecca Serle came to our book club!!! In addition to writing this month's FYA selection, the wonderful When You Were Mine, Rebecca brought blueberry scones AND Leila Sales, author of the hilarious Past Perfect. These two lovelies shared insights on their writing process, getting published, and the joys of getting fan mail from tweens. Hint: they don’t like when you use too many bad words.

Everyone shared their "sevens" as an icebreaker. Highlights include being from Alaska (Claire), the ability to recognize typefaces (Faye), drinking 7-8 cups of coffee a day (Rebecca), and (unintentionally) ruining friends’ wedding photos with silly faces (Erynn). Jess’s is always setting an alarm so it ends on a 2, since that's her lucky number, so 8:02AM, never 8:00AM.

Danielle’s seven is awesome t-shirts.

We discussed the particulars of When You Were Mine – everything from Charlie (many did not like her, including Nicole, our ambassador from FYA Brooklyn; we mostly agreed, however, that she is a good friend and admired her loyalty and ass-kicking style), to all the little details that made us readers feel the love and history between the three main girls, to the crazy resemblance between Len and Marcus Flutie. Note: Rebecca has not read Jessica Darling, but we in our YAngelism convinced her to do so post-haste. We also talked about the general idea of adaptations, and what elements are necessary to make something a “retelling” as opposed to its own story. We came to the conclusion that Shakespeare is similar to fairy tales, in that the stories remain recognizable and the themes are universal and timeless.

Look at all these thoughtful, fabulous ladies.

After talking about the book, we got to the most important part of book club – discussing TV shows and tumblr (Suri’s Burn Book, anyone?). “Please tell me you guys watch The Vampire Diaries!” Rebecca shrieked. Rebecca is so awesome. She also shared her opinions on Wicked, the upcoming season of Downton Abbey, and the fantasticness of J. K. Rowling. Afterwards, she gave us all hugs and promised to come back to our book club in the future.

“We love you, Rebecca!”

Next month, Leila Sales will be coming back to our book club to discuss Past Perfect, which we chose as our second read, and of course all the fall TV premieres, because NYC Weekend is the best (and luckiest!) book club ever.