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Pride & Purchases: A Merchandise Guide

Megan harnesses the fearsome power of The Google to find you the best gifts and merchadise based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Pride & Purchases: A Merchandise Guide

I know what approximately one or two of you are thinking: WHERE MY PRO-TIPS AT?  Well, since it is Pride and Prejudice week here, I decided to use my humble talents for reading blogs and performing basic internet searches to bring you a shopping guide instead.  I scoured several sites the entire world wide web to find you the some of the best and coolest Pride and Prejudice themed merchandise and gifts.  You may thank me, but your checking account certainly won't.

Reading Material

Just because you’ve read the book, doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of supplemental reading.  Besides the retellings and the unofficial sequels, there are plenty of non-fiction books to keep you busy.  If you like to host, there are Jane Austen era cookbooks and guides on tea.  You can even read relevant books on fashion or gardening.  Want to brush up on your manners?  There are several books for that.

For the little one in your life, there is the adorable Pride and Prejudice board book (which has the seal of approval from Meghan, who owns a copy for her son.)  And if none of these interest you, it couldn’t hurt to buy yourself a fancy version of the original. 


For those of you who like to give cards or send mail, there is plenty of great Pride and Prejudice stationery to be found.  This note card set is by far one of the cutest.  And if you’re a fan of the Peacock Edition cover, then look no further.  Etsy is like the wild west when it comes to finding stationery, but here are two cute sets of cards that I particularly liked.

And my absolute favorite stationery find comes from this lady’s etsy store.  She paints cats in Regency era clothes.  In case you ever wondered what Lizzy Bennet or Mr. Darcy would look like as cats, there you go.  I would buy these for myself immediately, except the problem is that I’d want to mail them to myself.

(In case you think I’m being sarcastic here, I should maybe point out that a have a large collection of cat shirts, including a Cat-niss shirt that Alix made for me.  Which is to say it’s a cat.  With a bow and arrow.)

Toys and Games

If you’re looking for something a little more playful, than you are set!  There is a trivia game and a board game (which Alix reviewed for you earlier this week).  There is even a jigsaw puzzle and word puzzle book for on the go. 

There is even a computer game which looks really, really terrible.  Seriously, someone play that for me and report back.  Right now.

What literary classic would be complete without a set of Dover paper dolls?  And everyone could use a Jane Austen action figure.

Clothing and Accessories

And now for my favorite thing...Alix designed a Pride and Prejudice shirt for the FYA store!!!  ISN’T IT THE CUTEST?  Don’t you LOVE IT?  Go buy it!

Out of Print Clothing (who take classics book covers and puts them onto shirts) has a V-neck and a sweatshirt featuring the famous 1894 Peacock Edition on their website or from other sellers.

And for something a bit more understated, you can find this necklace charm from multiple sellers on both Amazon and etsy.

It’s pretty trendy these days to find clutches or purses featuring vintage book covers or ones actually crafted out of books themselves.  Kate Spade has this super overpriced P&P clutch.  If you’re looking for something a little less sticker shocking, this etsy seller has several Pride and Prejudice clutches and handbags.  And for something that's in everyone's price range, there is this cute tote bag, also from Out of Print.

That’s all I’ve got for you today, but what about you?  Will you be buying anything you saw here today?  And do you have any Pride and Prejudice gifts you love (besides your well worn DVDs?)  Please share with us in the comments!


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