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Let’s Discuss: Disqus!

A handy guide to Disqus, answering every question you've ever had about the comments here (except how to pronounce it. DISK-us? dis-CUSS? Who even knows).

Let’s Discuss: Disqus!

Hello, lovelies! How have you BEEN? We're dying to know, and it's hard if you don't leave us comments -- communication is a two-way street, as they say! We know it's kiiiiind of a pain since we moved, because Disqus is new, and new = hard. But (and I'll be the first to admit I was a major Disqus hater), Disqus is actually pretty cool! You can do all sorts of wicked things, like comment via EMAIL, which is awesome for you chatterboxes who can't get to FYA from your work computer and don't want to struggle with trying to access our super mobile-UNfriendly site (a mobile version is in the works, I promise! Hang in there, pretties!). So follow me on this short tour of Disqus so we can hear from you again. We missed all your glowing compliments intelligent, funny contributions to our community.

I have nothing to say, but I want to read the comments!

Subquestion A: I don't like Disqus and I never will! I hate having to create new accounts! How do I subscribe to comments without having an account?

Contrary to popular belief and the way some other sites work, you don't have to have an account to either comment as a guest OR subscribe to the comments via email! To comment as a guest, well, just enter a comment, write any name you want in the box, and hit the cute little "Post" button! 

And to subscribe as a guest, find the arrow next to the star rating, and fill in your email address in the box in the dropdown menu. You don't even have to leave a comment first! You can spy on the comments anonymously.

Subquestion B: I have a Disqus account! And I'm logged in! How do I subscribe without leaving a comment first?

Well, that's super simple. Just click the little arrow next to the star rating and hit "Subscribe via email". All the comments will go to the email address you used when you registered for Disqus! (I'll show you how to change that address later on.)

Wait, I have to log in? How do I do that?

Like this! Click the little settings gear, then choose "Login". Enter all your deets (username OR email address, AND password), and voilá! Hello, gorgeous!

Yay! I'm logged in. Now what can I do, besides leave comments?

Check out the Community Tab to see what else is hopping and popping on FYA. You can also see who's clocking in as the chatteriest chatterbox (psst: WE don't want to be the top commenters; we want YOU to be the top commenters!).

Check out the My Disqus tab to get a snapshot of any replies to your comments and any new comments on posts you're following (the Discussion Tab is simply the comments on the current post).

I really liked a comment, but I don't want to post, "Hey, yeah, me too!" How can I adapt my Facebook-altered sensibilities to this non-Facebook world?

Just click that cute little up arrow under the comment. If you didn't like a comment, click the down one. Accidentally gave something a thumbs up or thumbs down and want to take it back? Just click it again, and it rewrites recent history.

Stars! You mentioned stars.

I did! If you really liked a post, give it a star by clicking on the star! The star ratings are anonymous, BTW.

What's that other circle for in the picture above?

It's for pictures! We love pictures. Click here to add a picture from your computer to your comment (like a great new "Peeta has croissants" picture, or maybe a photo of a super hot guy you think we SHOULD have cast in a book report). This doesn't change your profile pic -- I'll show you how to do that in just a sec.

Gaaah! I was just reading comments, and this weird orange box popped up!

Don't worry, sweets. It's just a new reply! Click it to see the new comment so you can stay au courant.

I love this site, but I can't get to it on my phone/at work, so I never leave comments anymore.

ME TOO. Seriously, that was me for the LONGEST TIME, until I discovered the greatest thing ever, email commenting!

1. Get into your settings -- click the little settings gear dealie, then choose "Edit Settings"

This will take you to the Disqus site and bring up your profile settings (you can also just go to and log in there, but that's an extra, unnecessary step).

Click on Account to make sure your email address is the one you want to use; you can change it here (you can also change your timezone so it's not saying you're posting from, say, Singapore, when you're in Denver).

Then, go to Notifications. Make sure they're ENABLED. You can pick and choose which ones you get under Personal Settings. I like to get 'em all, but YMMV.

Then, check your email! You'll get an email from "Disqus", and it'll look like this. Look at all those fancy options down there! Reply in an email (no need to delete the original comment -- Disqus does that for you!). A simple Like will just give the comment a thumbs up; leaving a comment will post your commend as a reply.



See how easy it is? Any sig file you have in your email WILL show up in the comment if you don't delete it, but the original comment to which you're replying won't.

PS You don't even have to GO to our website anymore (we hope you will, though), other than to initially subscribe to comments, or to leave your first comment per post. Our RSS feed has been fixed, so you should be getting the full post in your reader! Now to figure out how to comment THAT way ...


Wait! Go back to those Disqus settings. Can I use that to get a pretty little picture for my comments?

You sure can! Click on the Avatar tab, and pick your poison. Upload a file from your computer, steal one from the internet, or use your Facebook, Gravatar or Twitter pic. Just don't use the site's default picture -- we want to see your pretty face! Or at least your dog's face, or a flower, or something you think is funny. Just not boring old shadow man.

Ooooh, I see Twitter and Facebook on there. I LOOOOOOOVE sharing with my friends everything I say on the Internet! Can I do that here?

You sure can! Click on Services and check all the little boxes your heart desires. All your comments will be tweeted and statused, and if you spent weeks crafting the PERFECT Google or Yahoo! profile, you won't have to reinvent the wheel here. Just check the appropriate box, and it'll become your Disqus profile, too! 

Disqus profile? I can have a Disqus profile?!?!? Sign me up!!

Easy peasy! Click on Profile, and go to town.


And that's it, my dears! I hope you'll pop in and say hello now and again -- there's no excuse!

Meghan Miller's photo About the Author: Meghan is an erstwhile librarian in exile from Texas and writer for Forever Young Adult. She loves books, cooking and homey things like knitting and vintage cocktails. Although she’s around books all the time, she doesn’t get to read as much as she’d like.