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Swimfantage: Damon & Elena

A highly scientific analysis of a fan-made tribute to Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries, given what we now know thanks to the end of last season.

Swimfantage: Damon & Elena

You guys!!!   Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries is almost upon us!!!!!  Which means it's a perfect time for some swimfanage!!!  So, for your viewing pleasure, I spent an evening scanning YouTube for fan-made montages about the show, and MAN, let me tell you, there are some TERRIBLE montages out there!  Like, Evanescence-in-the-background-high-emo-type-shit.  I mean, sure, this show makes you FEEL!!!  Lots of the feelings, if not all of them!  But still!  Evanescence!!!  My next quandry was in deciding what the subject of the montage should be.  My go-to response was a tribute to Alaric, but most of those were too sad.  So then I thought aobut one that includes all of Damon's hilariousness!  That's when I discovered that THERE IS TOO MUCH DAMON HILARIOUSESS TO BE CONTAINED.  Seriously, there are volumes and volumes of the stuff.  So it was decided (by me, but it sounds so much more official if I say it that way) that I would start with either a tribute to Stefan and Elena, or Damon and Elena, and that's when I discovered this gem:

Quality: High

The video is pretty high-def, and the editing is beautifully done! There's no crazy distortion, and the dream filter makes it all look cohesive.  It's a little bit annoying to have the dialogue printed on the screen, but I also kind of appreciate it, because sometimes I'm a little hard of hearing.  

Expertise Level: Expert

This fan definitely knows the shit out of The Vampire Diaries plotlines, and knows how to meld the info we learned in the last episode, (about how Damon met Elena first) with clips from the previous two seasons to tell a streamlined story of their relationship.  And GETS ME SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW SEASON I HAVE TO BUST OUT THE CAPS!!!!  ALL OF THE TIME!!!!  I mean, will Elena remember meeting him first now?  And will that change anything, even if she does?  Or will it truly always be Stefan for her?  Ugh!  October 11th why can't you just get here already?!!!

Song Selection: What Song?

There's a song playing in this video?  Just kidding, it's Eternal Flame, by Brand X Music, which is totally and absolutely nothing I would ever, ever choose to listen to.  But whatever, it sets the stage, and hey, it's sort of orchestral!  At least it isn't Evanescence.

Swimfan Satisfaction (scale of 1-10): 10

Whether you're Team Delena or Team Stelena, you can't deny the poigniancy of the story, or how well this fan has captured Damon's hotness sweet, sweet caring side.  I'm also very pleased that it includes some "ohshit!" moments to help our ailing -ometer.

Noww it's your turn to analyze!  Is there a better Delena montage out there?  Should we do one for Stelena, or someone else, even?  

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