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Ashen Winter: Darla’s Playlist

The top 5 songs that would be on Darla's iPod (if iPods still worked) in Ashen Winter, the sequel to Mike Mullin's Ashfall.

Ashen Winter: Darla’s Playlist

Remember that time the DC FYA Book Club stalked Mike Mullin, author of Ashfall, and its sequel, Ashen Winter?  That was some fun times.  I mean, where else could you learn -- over Sangrias, of course -- that as well as writing awesome books, an author happens to be a professional gum-scraper, black-belt holder in Songahm Taekwondo, and a guy who knows a lot about poo?

Well, now that Ashen Winter is almost here (teaser chapter), Mike got together with a group of bloggers (who are his favorties, but shh, don't tell!) to come up with some fun ideas and do a grassroots type of promotion!  So for my part, I've come up with a playlist of the top 5 songs for Darla, the kickass girl Mullin's protagonist Alex meets and falls in love with.  (And after meeting Mike's wife, we understood his inspiration for writing super-strong, awesome ladies!)   While there aren't a lot of songs about curing rabbit meat or tanning their hides, or making bicycle-powered mills for grinding corn, I've chosen a list that not only suits Darla's personality, but that I think she would listen to on repeat.  You know, if there was any electricity left to charge her ipod.

1. Sixteen Tons, as performed by Eric Burdon from -- what else? -- Joe Versus The Volcano


I think Darla would enjoy the irony of this particular version, but she'd also dig Johnny Cash's.

2. Eve of Destruction by The Turtles


Darla is obvs. a rock star in her own right, so she'd not only have a lot of classic stuff like The Turtles, but also only the best of today's bands, like:

3. Sons and Daughters by The Decemberists


This is the part of the playlist where Darla gets motivated.

4. Eye of The Tiger by Survivor


And what could be a more appropriate theme for a chick as formidable as Darla but a silly, un-politically-correct song from an all-girl punk band:

5. My Boyfriend's Learning Karate by Thee Headcoatees

Darla would certainly have a giggle over that, and when you're trying to survive the end of the world, what's better than a little laughter?

Check Bending The Spine for a review today, and come back here next week for my review!

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