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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Banned Books Week, Julie Andrews and More

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Banned Books Week, Julie Andrews and More

Happy Friday everyone!  We are rounding out the end of Banned Books Week, totally one of my favorite literary theme weeks and one that we...totally forgot about this year.  You know, it happens to the best of us.  We need to create some google reminders or something.  That said, we’ve totally celebrated BBW with style in years past, so check out the Banned Books tag for more fun.  There is a drinking game and a pop quiz!  Have at it!

Book Related Things

Speaking of Banned Books...ALA has a interesting history of when and why different books were challenged.  And The Hairpin has a post on things we should ban instead of books (if only we could, if only...).

And speaking of people being haters, lots of libraries seem to have super bogus restrictions on teen materials or spaces.  Does yours?  My library had a sign that said you couldn’t be over 19 and go into the teen section, with I summarily ignored every visit (but no one was dick enough to call me out on it).  I talked to librarian about this and she said the best way to get any lame rules changed is to take your objections to the library board.  Maybe get signatures.  You’re a taxpayer - they’ve got to listen to you.  ¡Viva la Revolución!

CSM ponders a question that any reader of this site could answer with ease, our favorite why do adults like teen books? (Thanks Megan for the tip!)

Speaking of lame things, here is your weekly 50 Shades of Grey story. I can’t...even.  People.  Are the worst.  Also the worst?  The fact that any time I go onto ebay now, ebay feels the need to REMIND ME of this auction.  Ewww, like, seriously ebay?  Don’t do that.

And no for something completely different...pretty covers of Hogwarts textbooks!  And what if current TV shows we repackaged as pulpy children’s books? (Sweet Abbey High wins all the points.)

Movie Related Things

Jonathan Danny Strong to write the Mockingjay scripts?!  I ask, IS THIS REAL LIFE?  Maybe Mockingjay won’t be the worst thing ever?  Maybe?!

The Clueless cast reunites for a EW photoshoot.  Everyone looks so good!  (And bonus, here is video!)

TV Related Things

Is this really happening?  A Downton Abbey prequel?

What happens when you try and visit Dawson’s Creek?  This, apparently.

Miscellaneous Things

It’s things like this exchange between Patton Oswalt and Judy Blume that make twitter the best thing ever.

We already tweeted this, but it bear repeating.  WORST NAME OF A CHILDREN’S CLOTHING LINE, EVER. (Thanks for the tip, Melanie!)

It was Julie Andrews' 77th birthday this here are 77 beautiful pictures of her.  Yes this is random, and I don’t care!  I LOOKED AT THEM ALL and loved every minute of it.

Anything fun to share with us this week?  Please comment below!

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