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The FYA Advent Calendar: Day Three

It's day three of Advent and Megan is here to fill your lives with glitter and rainbows.

The FYA Advent Calendar: Day Three

Welcome back to the FYA Advent Calendar, where each day of Advent, we are giving you a little gift or surprise.  Today’s gift is the gift of sparkles and glitter and rainbows and magic.  Yes, I am giving you the gift of unicorns.

Some of you may love unicorns.  Some of you may hate unicorns.  And many of you will be like me.  Which is where you pretend to like unicorns, sort of as a joke, but really actually secretly like them quite a bit, thankyouverymuch.  And so a few weeks back I had come up with what I thought was a brilliant idea.  After having noticed much fun unicorn themed clothing and jewelry around the the internets, I thought I would put together a shopping guide to the best unicorn stuff around for the FYA readers.  Little did I know just how much unicorn paraphernalia exists.  An overwhelming amount.  And overwhelm myself I did.  For you.  And for unicorns.

So genuine and iconic unicorn lovers read on!  And unicorn haters?  Well, you better not pout/cry, because I will have a regular, non-unicorn themed Holiday gift idea post up for you soon enough.


When it comes to t-shirts of majestics animals, there is no better place to turn to then The Mountain, home of the original Three Wolf Moon.  So it should come as no surprise that they have a variety of different unicorn designs to be worn ironically or sincerely, with perfect names like Double Rainbow Unicorn and Awesome UnicornUnicorn Castle is my personal favorite.

But your regular fashion dispensaries have no shortage of unicorn apparel.  At any given moment, you can search Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 for unicorns and find something.  Right now both stores have rainbow unicorn black t-shirts.

And bane of my existence ModCloth (also known as the website that takes all of my money) is always a treasure trove of unicorn clothing.  Currently they have a tank top, baseball tee, leggings and even heels, all of which are a bit too much for my personal taste, but maybe not yours.

And for clothes on a smaller scale, Etsy has plenty of options, including this faux Christmas sweater and this cardigan.

And I would be remiss not to mention FYA HQ’s favorite unicorn shirt...yes, the official FYA unicorn/martini glass t-shirt.  All the cool kids have one!  I mean, that’s assuming you think we’re cool.  You may not.  I’m not in your head!

Jewelry & Accessories

If you’re looking to keep your unicorn love a bit more subtle, why not try some jewelry?  You could go for earrings or a ring?  If you want a necklace, you have plenty of choices.  You could go for something simple, a little more elaborate, something rainbow or a balls- to-the-wall glitter bomb.  Jewelry designer Locketship even has an entire collection devoted to unicorns.  

And if you’re looking for someplace to keep the money you will no longer have, check out this fabulous wallet.


Cosmetic company Lime Crime enlists the unicorn as their mascot. So it’s not unusual to see a unicorn prominently displayed on their beauty products, including their nail polish and their awesome looking lipstick.

Paper Products

If you looking for stocking stuffers or smaller gifts well within your budget, Dover books is always the best.  For the price of a soda, you’ve got stickers, glitter stickers, glitter tattoos and even glow in the dark tattoos.  Feeling artsy?  How about a coloring book?

If you have a pen pal in your life, or just like to send your friends and family mail, then how about this great unicorn stationery set?  There are plenty of great unicorn cards to be found as well.  And Alix can personally recommend this Fold Your Own Unicorn Calendar that she recently received as a gift.

And if you ever want to host a Unicorn themed party, Oriental Trading has got you covered.


What if you are looking to integrate unicorns into your life in a very classy, grown-way?  Well, nothing says grown-up like wall art.  You can get prints of unicorn artwork, including this rainbow unicorn or this celtic unicorn.  I personally really love this retro colored unicorn and this Unicorn’s Journey print.


Did you think we were going to forget about books?  Of course not, WE LOVE BOOKS.  If you’re looking for somewhere to start, Peter Beagle's classic The Last Unicorn is basically The Unicorn Book.  (And of course there is the movie adaptation and a new graphic novel version as well.) 

My personal favorite unicorn books growing up were Meredith Ann Pierce’s Firebringer Trilogy and Tanith Lee’s Unicorn Trilogy.  Some people adore Elizabeth Goudge’s The Little White Horse, but man oh man, I totally thought that book was weak-sauce.  And while I haven’t read them myself, the most popular unicorn books in the current YA world would definitely be Diana Peterfreund’s Rampant and sequels.  If you need any more unicorn book suggestions, Goodreads has a good list here.


If you were to have told me when I began this project that I would have enough kitchen items to create their own category, I would have thought you were full of it.  I mean, what kitchen things can you make unicorn themed?  Any of them, apparently!  Besides the obvious like cookie cutters and salt and pepper shakers, we have chopsticks, aprons, corkscrews and even corn holders.  Ridiculous...and yet...want!


Maybe you’re too old for plush toys or stuffed animals.  Unfortunately for me, I can never seem to grow out of them.  I gave away hundreds several years ago, but just this summer I found a dozen boxes worth that had somehow survived.  And even then, that doesn’t account for those currently in my home.  I somehow keep acquiring them!   And one brand I’ve had to avoid, due to extreme cuteness and size, are the big, fat squishables.  But lucky for you, they have a unicorn squishable and a mini rainbow one to boot!  And if you want to go old school, Lisa Frank has a plush pouch of her classic unicorn design.


And if all that wasn’t enough for you, we have other random gifts that just don’t quite belong to any one category.  How about some unicorn magnetic poetry or a unicorn pencil holder?  What about unicorn keyholders or unicorn band-aids?  In the world of gag gifts, you have Unicorn Meat and the most frightening mask you will ever seen, in your entire life.  And for any cat owner, this inflatable horn is a must!

So what say you?  Was there anything on this list that you want for yourself or the unicorn lover in your life?  And are there any fabulous unicorn products I missed?  Let us know in the comments!

Megan Crane's photo About the Author: Megan is an unabashed fangirl who is often in a state of panic about her inability to watch, read and play all the things.