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The FYA Advent Calendar: Day Fifteen

Day 15 of Advent and Megan is here to help out you "last-minute" type folks.

The FYA Advent Calendar: Day Fifteen

I don’t know about you, but I’ve done exactly 0% of my Christmas shopping!  Good thing I have my friends trained to expect my gifts to arrive sometime before the end of January.  But since I can’t seem to help myself, maybe I can help you?  I’ve gathered some fun gifts I’ve seen here and there and put them all in one place: The FYA 2012 Christmas and Holiday Gift Guide.  And hopefully some of these things will help you check off folks off of your naughty shopping list.


Well, you are going to know what type of books your friends and family like more than I do.  But if they like their bookshelves to look pretty, you can’t go wrong with Penguin Clothbound Classic of their favorite book.

I love it when my book are all matchy-matchy.  So what about getting them a matching collection?  Like, this Jane Austen collection?  Or, how about getting them an entire book, in an easy to display way.  Litographs takes the entire text of a book and fits it into a poster!


There are so many awesome t-shirts on the internet these days, it’s hard to even know where to begin.  Remember the dark days of nerdy/pop culture shirts?  You either have to make something on your own (I remember a friend of mine screen-printing a Firefly t-shirt for me!) or get some officially licensed gear that could difficult to find or completely non-existent.  Dark days, indeed. 

You can find tons of great general and pop-culture related shirts on Threadless, BustedTees, Glarkware and RedBubble.  For those more pop-cultured focused, ThinkGeek, Jinx, WeLoveFine (and yes, even occasionally HotTopic) are all good options.  If you have a favorite t-shirt site, recommend it in the comments below!

For some specific recommendations, I really adore this cute book t-shirt.  Out of Print is known for their book cover tees, including this A Wrinkle In Time and Alice In WonderlandThis shirt is cute, even if the March sisters are my enemies.

Of course there is the FYA RedBubble shop, with lots of great options.  My personal favorite RedBubble store is by artist Megan Lara.  She specializes in creating amazing pop-culture designs, specifically for t-shirts or prints.  So if you love Firefly, or Doctor Who or Community or any other fandom, you’ve got to check out her work!


For those of you who are the snail mail types, if you haven’t already purchased this Hunger Games stationery for someone in your life, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?  Also, you can’t go wrong with this set of 100 Penguin covers as postcards.

If you know someone who loves Moleskins, why would you get them a regular one, when you can get them a Hobbit one.  And totally overpriced and ridiculous, BUT, you now can get a the personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter you always wanted.  I mean, you wanted yours to be REAL, but sorry.


Do you love to cook?  I DON’T!  But for those of people who enjoy cooking and literature, there are tons of official and unofficial cookbooks based around our favorite books.   You can choose from The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Games of Thrones, Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie or Jane Austen.  Basically, whatever your fandom, there is probably a cookbook.  Or, if you’d like variety, this cookbook features recipes from all sorts of different children’s classics.


Three words for you.  Gryffindor Uniform Snuggie.  Also, these nerdy soaps may be my favorite things ever.  Utterly ridiculous, and yet, I want a fairytale hand mirror.

Every can use their own copy of Cards Against Humanity, the hit card of of this past year. It’s like douchy Apples to Apples.  How about the perfect tote bag for your book club friends?  I remember feeling really cool in elementary school when I had pencils with my name pressed into them.  But these are better.

And while the shop is closed for a few more days, check out etsy store Crafts by Casaverde for your very own FYA themed champ can-sized koozie.  (And get yourself a 33 shirt while you’re at it.)

And for some additional help, check out my earlier gift guide on Jane Austen goodies, Unicorns and the 2011 FYA Holiday Gift Guide (some items are no longer available, but many still are!)  If you have any great gift ideas you’d love to share, leave them in the comments!

Megan Crane's photo About the Author: Megan is an unabashed fangirl who is often in a state of panic about her inability to watch, read and play all the things.