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Procrastination Pro-Tips: The Giver, The Doctor and More

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: The Giver, The Doctor and More

Hey everyone!  Welcome to that awkward time after Christmas and before New Years!  Some of us are working!  And some of us are on vacation.  And those of us working are having a hard time of it because of all our vacationing coworkers.  Or you’re me and your body decided now was the perfect time to pick up a killer virus.  BOOO!  Anyway, we’ve got your pro-tips here for you, so ENJOY!

Book Related Things

Leave it to the New York Times to write a wildly inaccurate and misguided “trend” piece.  Did you all know that people only read New Adult because it has TEH SEX in it?  And did you realize that YA doesn’t have teh sex?  This was certainly all news to me because it is, ya know, THE OPPOSITE OF REALITY.  I could rant forever on this so imma stop.  But feel free to rage with me in the comments.

Looking for some good sci-fi or fantasy to read?  Lotus magazine ran an online poll to create a best of list by popular vote.  I really liked that they didn’t differentiate between adult, YA or childrens.  But it seems to me there were more sci-fi readers than fantasy readers because the sci-fi list looks pretty solid, while the fantasy list is just...odd.

Pew has released their finding on reading trends for 2012.  E-book reading it up!  Print reading is down!  Women read more than men.  Etc!

For those of you with some time on your hands today, here’s several of the creepiest Grimm’s fairy tales for your reading pleasure.

Movie Related Things

The Giver movie.  It’s finally happening.  With Jeff Bridges as the Giver!!!!  I don’t even know what to say/how to feel.

For those of you who are excited to see Warm Bodies, you can check out the first four minutes here!

THIS IS SO FUN.  Put together a potential Star Wars Episode VII!  My version stars Will Smith, OBVS.

And how well do you know know Love Actually?  Leave your score in the comments.  I’m expecting a lot of high 20s from this crowd!

TV Related Things

The trailer is out for the next season of Doctor Who (and bonus! A clip of the new intro for those of you who haven’t seen the Christmas Special yet.)

The “Katniss Effect” is still going strong.  CW is working on a lady led Robin Hood show titled Sherwood.  Archery is the new swordfighting!  Or something.

Cousin Matthew Dan Stevens is leaving Downton Abbey!  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR COUSIN MATTHEW?!

Miscellaneous Things

I really love this smart piece on the boogyman of the nerd world: the fake geek girl.  (What I don’t love that this has become an “issue” that needs discussing, but what can you do?)

And how to make your own Tardis bookshelf.  You know you want to.

That’s all for today!  For those of you stuck in the office today, godspeed, the weekend is almost here!  And for those of you still on vacation, I hope you’re getting lots of rest and having lots of good times!

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