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We’re On A World Tour

Join Gayle Forman, author of Just One Day, on a blog tour inspired by her European travels.

We’re On A World Tour

On Tuesday, Posh reviewed Just One Day, the latest masterpiece from Gayle Forman. And today, we are pleased to welcome you to the Just One Day blog tour! We all know one of Gayle’s talents lies in writing the swooniest books possible, but she’s also a world traveler! Many of her experiences inspired scenes in Just One Day (and Just One Year, out next fall). Each day along the tour there will be a new photo from Gayle’s travels, along with the story behind the photo written by Gayle. LET'S DO THIS!

Copenhagen, Denmark

This is Jack. My details of him are a little fuzzy. I know he was Scottish. And I know he had lived in Copenhagen, which is where my friend Rebecca and I met him. But I don’t his last name and I don’t remember how we him; I think he was staying at the same youth hostel as us. I have a vague recollection of him having broken up with his longtime Danish girlfriend, so he was homeless but Rebecca remembers him having been in America, too. Like I said, details=fuzzy.
What I do remember is this: Copenhagen before Jack felt intimidating. It was cold and expensive and the Danes were like all models! Seriously, that bone structure should be illegal. I mean we’d thought the Dutch were gorgeous, but the Danes! I remember huddling under the ramparts of a building to escape a rainsquall and freezing and being a tiny bit miserable as I get when the weather is in the low 60s in July.
And then there was Copenhagen after Jack and it was all sunshine. Over two days, we flitted from the National Gallery of Art, where I saw my first Rodin sculpture (thus beginning a lifelong love) to some cool chamber music concert in an ancient church (something I’d never have thought to do on my own) to the red-light district where we feasted on cheap falafels (my first one, thus beginning another lifelong love) to Christiania, a groovy if intimidating hippie/anarchist sort of commune/neighborhood in Copenhagen that operated under independent laws from the rest of Denmark. Jack, of course, had friends there.
After two days, when we said goodbye at the train station, there was no pretense that we would stay in touch. We were traveling; he was between countries; Mark Zuckerberg was four years old, so Facebook was a ways off. And that’s okay. Some people drop into your life for a day or two, and then they’re gone. But sometimes there is no correlation between time and impact. Those two days with Jack, it not only opened up Copenhagen, it changed the way I travel. He’ll never know that. And I love that about travel. How we touch lives, change them, and move on, never knowing the impact, but wondering, always wondering.
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