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Cover Story: Fuse

Erin has decided to wake up cranky this Monday, and therefore will be ripping into a book cover that actually looks sort of cool.  Sorry, Fuse.

Cover Story: Fuse

Ugh.  I am McCranky, Mayor of Crankyville.  I'd say I got up on the wrong side of the bed, but I think the problem is that I got out of bed at all.  EVERYTHING IS AWFUL, y'all.  Can't we all just go take a nap forever?  A decades-long nap sounds awesome right about now.  Who's with me?!

When I'm grumpy, only two things will save me: eating cookie dough while crying over a costume drama and making fun of something that's actually cool.  The cookie dough will have to come later because I'm supposed to be productive today (damnit!), so for now, let's make up a story about Fuse!


FUSE, a Cover Story

It was the first summer after the Reckoning, when an asteroid slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula and started a chain of events that would eventually lead to the extinction of humans and the rise of a new species of reptilian overlords.  But in that First Summer, when large birds were a portent of the death yet to come, one young girl led the resistance . . .

17 year old Odessa was raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota, her Aunt Josephine and her aunt's wife, Clara, her only family.  Wild, rambunctious and outdoorsy, Odessa doesn't worry too much when rumors start flying in the wake of the asteroid crash.  Even as volcanos erupt and earthquakes are triggered, Odessa hardly feels the effects in her quiet, peaceful world.  But when her giant pet falcon, Grimshaw, is shot by an overzealous Boy Scout on a camping trip, she vows to protect all large birds.  By any means necessary.

What begins as a vow becomes a way of life, and as more and more large birds bring with them death and disease, Odessa fights harder for her fair-feathered friends.  Her vow to protect large birds separates her from the ones she loves and puts her on the path of mortal danger.  But it's not until she meets Dallas, a biology major with dire warnings about the future of the planet, that her passion for bird refuge might be topped by a passion for something else . . 


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