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Blog Tour: Gail Carriger Teaches Us Lessons In ETIQUETTE & ESPIONAGE

Just in time for the release of her Steampunk Boarding School novel, the author stops by to teach us a few lessons of her own.

Blog Tour: Gail Carriger Teaches Us Lessons In ETIQUETTE & ESPIONAGE

You guys, I just read my first ever Steampunk novel, and let me tell you, I'm glad it was Gail Carriger's Etiquette & Espionage, because a finishing school that teaches you all the normal stuff, plus how to properly poison 2 out of 4 of your dinner guests?  That's a finishing school for me!  I'll be reviewing it later this week, but today I've got some tips from the author on my favorite class: Dress & Diversion.  Now pay attention, students, because a lady must always be prepared...

Which gown styles would best benefit a young lady with an ample bosom?

Mademoiselle Geraldine would say that a lady should always dress to emphasize her assets. A nice tight bodice with a scoop or square neckline and a complimentary lace tuck never goes amiss. Besides, it never hurts to have an additional...pocket, shall we say?

The best diversionist has to think on her feet.  When in doubt:

Faint backwards

In which article of a young lady's clothing is it best to conceal a dagger?

See question number one. If not, pagoda sleeves are wide and ample. It's best to have all of one’s visiting gowns designed with them for daggers—or any additional necessities, like perfume.

To attract the attention of one specific individual in a crowded place from across the room, a young lady's best weapon is:

A brightly colored fan or a very large hat.

If a lady needs to make a quick departure off of a dirigible, what is her best course of action?


Thanks to Gail Carriger for stopping by!  If you want more, visit the Official Finishing School Tumblr, plus Gail is doing a LIVE AT THE LOUNGE author video chat with fans on February 12, 2013. Fans are encouraged to RSVP, sign-in and join the conversation on the day. Gail will be wearing a tea hat and encouraging fans to come with their very best millinery… and there may even be tea served.  Until the review, I'll leave you with this:

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