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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Men In Tank Tops

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Men In Tank Tops

Welcome back to your favorite Friday feature that isn’t The Vampire Diaries recaps!  Let's take a look at all the links we have this week.

Book Related Things

My favorite book-related story that I read all week.  The 89-year-old grandpa who is a secret romance novel writer.  He is basically the cutest thing ever.

Hairpin’s Texts series keeps on keepin’ on, this time with Pride and Prejudice.

Info on a current e-book lawsuit.  I certainly wish all e-readers could use all the different formats, but I doubt that day will come.

The nominations for the Nebula Awards are out.  Be sure to check out the Andre Norton Awards, since that is their YA category.

Figment is back with another live author chat.  You can ask your questions to Rachel Hartman (Seraphina), Alexandra Monir (Timeless and Timekeeper), and Elizabeth LaBan (The Tragedy Paper) on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 7 p.m. ET.

Movie Related Things

Infographic on how similar/watered down all the heroines in YA movie adaptations are.  (Although, seriously fuck that bullshit on Hermione.  She is NOT in a love triangle and is certainly not shy or quiet.  You don’t make your point very well when you skew your data.)

File under Weddings I Wish I Could Have Been Invited ToA Princess Bride themed wedding!

TV Related Things

Really stupid/weaksauce reasons that PBS gives for not playing Downton Abbey at the same time as the UK.

CW’s clothing piece of choice: the male tank top.

Miscellaneous Thing

Photos of kids in magical/adventurous settings...with no photoshop used.

That’s all for this week, unless any of you lovelies have something to share below in the comments.

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