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The Vampire Diaries 4x15: Stand By Me

The Vampire Diaries' version of a very special episode.

The Vampire Diaries 4x15: Stand By Me

Okay, so I was so tired after working a 12-hr shift followed by 3 high alcohol beers last Thursday that I even forgot to run the ohshitometer!  So let me see, what happened?

Oh yeah, THIS.  

Really?  I mean, I DO get how it *could* help move the plot along if they killed off another character that would hurt us almost as much as Alaric, but I don't care!!!  NONONONONO!  Not Jeremy!  Okay.  Show...

Elena looks solemnly on a picture of herself and Jeremy.  Then flash to Elena holding Jeremy's lifeless body in the cave.  She sees he is in fact -- after much speculation by us last week -- wearing his ring of power, but Stefan tells Damon that since Jeremy was a slayer, the ring won't work on him.  (Oh Shit! +1)  Damon decides to go find Bonnie, in hopes that she can raise him.  Again.

Stefan brings Elena and Jeremy back home -- and very quickly, considering they were in Nova Scotia or wherever -- where Caroline has been trying to clean up the mess Kol's body left behind.  I'm having a sad *Drink!* as I watch them.

Back on the island, Damon is searching their old campsite for Bonnie, but finds Rebekah.  He tells her the sitch -- including the fact that apparently Silas is, in fact, awake.  (Oh Shit! +2)  Bonnie wakes up in the woods to hear the same thing from PSS.

Back at the Gilbert's we learn that super vampire hearing can be foiled by something as simple as a faucet running, as Caroline and Stefan discuss how Jeremy's not going to wake up.  Elena joins them, and brings up what one of our commenters said -- that since Bonnie absorbed Jeremy's tattoos, that maybe he was no longer supernatural when he died?

Caroline tries to contact Tyler, to talk about what happened, but he's not answering, so she talks to Stefan instead.  Caroline goes into planner mode, but that's before they smell something rotting in the Gilbert house.  And it's Jeremy. (Oh Shit! +3) Seriously, CW?  You're going to do this to us?

Damon and Rebekah continue their search for Bonnie, but come upon that handsome slayer, instead.  Remember last week, how I said he looked like Charlie Bewley?  Well he IS Charlie Bewley!  Damon doesn't' care much, and knocks him out. 

Bonnie is going all Dark Willow over Jeremy's death, and PSS calms her with the promise that Silas will make it all better.

Dr. Mrs. Stefan shows up at the Gilbert house, and begins describing some of the more medical aspects of what is happening to Jeremy's body, and asks Elena to release him to her.  Elena does what I want to do, and slams Dr. Mrs. Stefan into a wall.  (Oh Shit! +4)  Just then, Matt, the new President of the Handsome Club arrives, and his sweet face twists with grief in a way that causes my computer screen to go fuzzy for a moment for some reason.  But not because I'm crying.

HOWEVER, my non-tears are dried immediately when I see that my beloved Alaric has a new show that premieres this coming Tuesday!  It's called "Cult", and I can only presume that Alaric is starting one, so where can I sign up?

Matt and Elena share some tea and attempt light-hearted banter, which is cute and endearing.  Then Matt asks Elena to go "somewhere" with him.
Damon holds a knife in Charlie Bewley's neck, in attempt to get some information, but it's Rebekah who really encourages him with her very own version of "To the pain".  He tells them that Katherine found him some time ago, and has been in on the race for the cure all along -- with a little help from Faye. (Oh Shit! +5)
PSS tells Bonnie how he's been teaching her Expressionism all this time so she could do Silas's magic for him, and all they have to do is massacre another 12 folks.  (Oh Shit! +6)  Bonnie is so not into this idea, until she sees a hallucination of Jeremy, begging for her help.  (Oh Shit! +7)

Dr. Mrs. Stefan and Stefan sit on the stairs and chat and I wonder if this is what it looks like in their house.  Damon calls, and Stefan tells him to come home, Bonnie or no, because they need the sire bond to control Elena.  Wouldn't it be funny (not haha funny, but, you know) if the sire bond had actually been broken all this time?  But just then, Bonnie comes around a bush, and they are so happy, they hug each other. *Drink!*

Matt leads Elena to the stoner pit at the high school, to show her some tags Jeremy threw up in honor of his relationship with Vicki.  He tells her that it's okay to have hope, because in Mystic Falls, people don't necessarily stay completely dead.

Charlie Bewley tells Rebekah that Silas could be anybody, since nobody's ever seen his face due to the iron mask he always wore.  Foreshadowing? Hmmm?
Damon and Bonnie show up at the Gilbert's, and are greeted by Caroline, who's all, "Yay! Let's go inside and raise Jeremy!"  But Damon makes crazy eyes at her *Drink!* to show how serious he is when he asks her to get Stefan.

Flashback! *Drink!* To earlier in the episode, when Bonnie told PSS she'd do anything… and in the present, Bonnie tells them about making an Expression triangle, and in a series of scene changes, we see Matt telling her "no way jose'," and Damon telling Stefan that Bonnie's batshit, and PSS explaining to Bonnie some crazy business about a purgatory for supernatural beings, and how once she lowers the veil between the worlds, every supernatural person who has ever died will be brought back to life.  (Oh Shit! +8)  Bonnie is convinced that this is totally no big, while Matt and Caroline are yes-huh-ing her, and Elena is just staring straight ahead.  The phone rings, and it's April!  I had forgotten about her!  She asks for Jeremy, and Elena pauses a moment, before telling her that he can't come to the phone on account of being dead.

Elena approaches Jeremy's shroud-covered body, and carefully pulls back the covers to see that he looks even deader than last time we saw him.  She starts to freak out, and facing the truth, and decides to burn the house down around Jeremy.  (Oh Shit! +9)  The perfect cover story.  She has lost every single person in her family, and as she slowly falls apart, there shouldn't be a dry eye in the world. *Drink!*

Stefan tells damon to help her, and Damon grabs her and tells her to TURN. IT. OFF.  (Oh Shit! +10)  This isn't what Stefan meant, but Damon warns him away, and the look on Elena's face is chilling as it goes from grief-stricken to cold.

Caroline tries, yet again, to call Tyler, and has to leave him a voicemail to tell him about Jeremy, before lying down sadly in her bed.

Matt drives Bonnie home, and she's all Stepford-Wifeish about how okay everyithing's going to be.  PSS shows up at her house, and is mega-creepy and cult-leader-like with his speech about how they're the beginning of a whole new world.  And oh yeah, the 12 people who died in the house explosion PSS arranged?  Well, they won't be raised when the veil drops, since they weren't supernatural, but that's okay, because what else were they doing with their lives?  (Oh Shit! +11)

On the island, Rebekah is using a flashlight instead of her super vampire sight to wander around in the dark.  And she comes upon a body in the woods, and I'm pretty sure it's PSS, and it IS!  (Oh Shit! +12)  Just then, PSS reaches out and grabs Rebekah's ankle!  And, not to criticize, or anything, because I totally would have been startled, too, but she's pretty jumpy for an Original.  He says one word: "Silas".  (Oh Shit! +13)  I was afraid the PSS with Bonnie seemed even more fervorish than youzh.

Matt pulls his truck over and breaks down, and OH MY GOD, these actors are breaking my heart!!!! *Drink!*

Elena looks at a picture of herself and Jeremy as Damon and Stefan talk outside.  Stefan thinks Damon didn't have to tell her to turn off her humanity, because after all, she still had him, but Damon says that after losing the last member of her family, he was not enough.  And, aww, the Salvatore brother love is back.  *Drink!*  I just wish it was under better circumstances.  Elena decides to go ahead and burn down the house, because she says she won't ever want to come home again, and as the three of them walk away, we see the fire catching to everything in the house, including Jeremy.  (Oh Shit! +14)

Sigh.  Okay.  They did it.  They killed him.  And the cure is suddenly gone, replaced as a plot device by the Silas/PSS triangle veil thing.  But Katherine, what?  Swoops in, kills Jeremy, steals the cure, and disappears without a trace again?  She and it better not be gone for the rest of the season.  I do have to hand it to the writers and actors of the show tonight, because, much like a new vampire, I'm feeling all the feelings.  But mostly I'm just sad.  Now it's your turn.  Tear your hair, scream and wail, discuss the plot in the comments.  I'll leave you with this:

R.I.P.  *Pour one out.

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