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Talk Nerdy To Me: Analyzing FYA’s Casting Calls

A statistical analysis of FYA's top casting calls. ("Statistical" means "pies and shirtlessness", right?)

Talk Nerdy To Me: Analyzing FYA’s Casting Calls

As the self-appointed curator of FYA's old posts (titles make me feel important, OK?!), I've read my share of book reports. And I always think, "Damn, casting calls are TOUGH"*. 'Cause I'm the kind of raging narcissist who inserts herself into every story she reads, even if I have no experience being a leggy blonde (or -- let's be real, this is YA -- a pensive brunette of unassuming strength and beauty).

*At least when I'm not thinking, "Damn, I'll never be able to read all the books!" or "Damn, that guy isn't too young to be attractive, right?".

Anyway, I was curious to find out who FYA's fave casting call choices are (though this remains my personal favourite, with this as a close second). So I asked Google how to make a nifty interactive graph that can filter by author, hair colour, and popular pairings. But Google was all, "Bish! Code that shizz yourself! And stop giving me anthropomorphic characteristics!"

Since I am lazy (nope, that was the right word choice) lazy and ill-equipped to make such a graph, please enjoy these mathematical representations instead.

P.S. This only accounts for book reports from 2009-2012. At least until that lippy Google acquiesces to my will.


OK, is this a kickass quartet of ladies or what?! If by some miracle they could all appear in the same movie*, we may all combust from AWESOME OVERLOAD. But y'know, that's a risk I'd be willing to take, because OMG I LUV THEM ALL, I wanna be all of them when I grow up!**

*But not like a celebrity-stacked Valentine's Day/New Year's Eve turd. Even their collective powers couldn't salvage that.

**Never mind that they're all younger than me...

There are actually two holdovers from the last casting call round-up, and the Elle Fanning semi-prognostication was pretty accurate (she landed in a five-way tie for fourth).

Even though these actresses are growing up, I don't forsee them disappearing from our casting calls anytime soon, because of:

1)  the aforementioned awesomeness,
2)  Andrea Zuckerman (I know it's a different time, but still. These girls have a plenty of teen-playing years left, esp. the ones who are still teens), and
3)  the ability to cast relative age-appropriate love interests.

And speaking of . . .


On the guys' side, Ethan Peck emerged as the clear favourite -- a choice I wholeheartedly agree with, since I'd like him to be cast in everything. Esp. my life.

If only FYA had been founded 3 years earlier than it had been, you KNOW #33 would have take the top spot. 'Cause I mean, he's already taken the top spot in our CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, and so forth.

Rounding out this v. attractive trio is the Keeper of our pants hearts, Freddie Stroma. Freddie benefits from being FYA's go-to blond heartthrob, just like we all benefit from looking at his gorgeous face. (And body. Lest you think I've neglected to pay proper respect.)

Along with Freddie, the main difference from last time is that there are no nerd boys to be found. (OK, nerd-adjacent. Since real nerds rarely look like Seth Cohen, much to our collective chagrin.)

And since I have all this data anyway, I also looked at some other categories for funsies:


Since she was one of FYA's overall mainstays, it's no surprise that Emma Watson bested her fellow Emmas. Ten points for Gryffindor!


Kitsch please. As if there was any other choice.

UPDATE: For your number-crunching enjoyment! Just use your browser's search function if you're feeling lazy. (And it'll be updated periodically! Maybe.)



And since we're always looking for new talent, I posit this to YOU, my fellow casting scouts: who should be invited to FYA's casting couch auditions?

Mandy Wan's photo About the Author: Residing in Edmonton, AB, Mandy unabashedly loves YA lit, frozen desserts, and terrible puns.