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WHEN WE WAKE Blog Tour: Future Sounds

Tegan, the heroine from Karen Healey's When We Wake, stops by FYA to give away a copy of the book and answer some questions about music in the future.

WHEN WE WAKE Blog Tour: Future Sounds

Karen Healey's When We Wake follows the story of Tegan, a girl who died in 2027 and is brought back to life after being cryogenically frozen for 100 years. While adjusting to the fact that her entire existence, including her family, is a thing of the past, Tegan must also adapt to a world of insanely advanced technology and completely different political and environmental conditions.

Tegan took some time to hang out with us here at FYA HQ and answer our questions about the future. We could have asked her about global issues or scientific achievements, but instead, we focused on what's really important: pop music!

* * *

1. In 2013, our teen sensation is Justin Bieber. He's literally everywhere—he started as a YouTube sensation (do you still have YouTube?) and is now on all over the ontedy. Did he have an equivalent in 2027? What about after you woke up?

Ugh, teen sensations. Why are they always so bland? Except Abdi, of course, who really is talented, and also doesn’t want to be a teen sensation.

I’ve heard of your Bieber – he became a pretty decent music producer, actually. His equivalent in 2027 was Trois – three French-Canadian girls who sang some pretty interesting harmonies, with some very, VERY boring lyrics.Rhyming moon with June, lady with baby, that kind of thing.

I looked them up when I woke up. One of the girls became a teacher, one became a police officer, and one went to Texas and started a cult. I guess you can’t ever tell about people.

I don’t know as much about music now as I should – trying to catch up on a century will do that to you. Bethari loves someone called Dominic? He was on a talent show ‘cast, and she thinks he’s really pretty, but even she won’t defend his voice.

2. But what about boy bands? We're dying to know if there are any hotties we should be aware of…

Oh, well, if you want hotties, We Be Here has that. And some great harmonizing, and fantastic dancing.

The lead singer looks a bit like Abdi. That’s not why I like them, though.

3. Favorite Beatles song? Album? Beatle?

It used to be “Revolution”, but now it might be “Here Comes The Sun”. Album: The White Album, of course. And Ringo. Ringo forever! 4.

Can you tell me more about bhangra-punk? What does it sound like?

Like… a mixture of bhangra and punk. Punjabi lyrics and vocal style, punk beats or a rock sensibility, often anti-authoritarian and angry. It’s great!

5. Finally, one of the saddest aspects of your revival is that your family and friends no longer around. You mention that you started playing the guitar because of your older brother Owen—what kind of influence did he have on your love of music?

Oh. Oh, I don’t really want to talk about this. I started playing the guitar because Owen spent all his time in the garage playing, and I wanted to spend more time with him. He taught me everything – how to hold my hands, how to move between chords, strumming patterns, syncopation on the body, all that. Owen gave me music, he-

I’m sorry. I just can’t.

* * *

Well, Tegan, thanks for stopping by FYA! Feel free to send us some bhangra-punk mp3s (or a photo of those We Be Here hotties) from the future!

And for those of you who want to get to know Tegan a little better, stay tuned for my review of When We Wake on March 15th. Plus, you can check out Karen Healey's Live at the Lounge author video chat on March 23rd – she'll be talking about When We Wake with Malinda Lo.

We also have a copy of When We Wake to give away (US only). For a chance to win, leave a comment with the name of a music album you would recommend to Tegan!

Now excuse me while I appreciate the now with a champ can and a little Justin Bieber.

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