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A Day in the Life of a Closet YA Reader in the Military: Field Edition

Total badass Cate is here to share a day in the life of a Naval officer with a secret love of YA.

A Day in the Life of a Closet YA Reader in the Military: Field Edition

Let's all give a big "Welcome Aboard!" to Smarty Pants Cate B, who brings us this desert Day in the Life. Cate currently resides in a tent in the desert, where she's an Armed Forces Officer by day and YA groupie by night. Cate enjoys pretending to be a hardass, beige-colored camoflague, and air conditioning. (Also, she's super adorable!! I mean, badass!)


HOORAH, HOOAH, HOOYAH, or WEEEEEEE (God Bless the Air Force).  It is a FINE Navy Day here in Helmand Province, Sandpit-istan.  Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Cate, and I am Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania born and bred. I am a full-time member of the world's greatest Navy, and currently a supporting member of  "the Few and the Proud."  Being a YA enthusiast embedded with Devil Dogs poses many unique and exciting challenges. Among them is  hiding your copy of the latest Sarah Dessen when you're suddenly pulled from your can (read: bedroom) and into a bunker of Marines during indirect fire, and generally keeping your military bearing while chewing out your subordinates knowing all too well that you had to put down a book meant for 8th-graders to do it.  ALSO, THERE IS NO ALCOHOL HERE. WTF?!

I have a confession.  My name is Cate, and I am a binge reader.  "HI CATE." Without further adieu, I would like to introduce my column: "A Day in the Life of a Closet Young Adult Reader in the Military: Field Edition."  Today's installment will cover The Diviners by Libba Bray (yes, I know I'm late!)  I love, love, LOVED the A Great and Terrible Beauty trilogy, so I was super pumped this book landed on my recommendation list from Amazon.  I kind of have a theory that Libba Bray is "A" on Pretty Little Liars.  HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?! Anyway, without further adieu, A DAY IN THE LIFE...

23 February, 2013. 0500.  Check in to Customs for Intra-theater flight.  OMG I HAVE UNRESTRICTED WIRELESS INTERNET!!  *Weep with Joy* Download The Diviners on Kindle.

23 February, 2013. 0800.  Get on Aircraft.  Pray wing doesn't fall off.  Flirt with Navy pilots.  Hum "Highway to the Danger Zone." Think about Tom Cruise.  Shake it off.  Open Kindle.

23 February, 2013. 1100.  Land.  Jump out of aircraft and give praise to the ground.  Look around for Naughty John.  Realize that he is not a member of Al Qaeda.

23 February, 2013. 1200.  Check in to temporary living space (aka tent). Notice heat pump.  Continue reading.

23 February, 2013. 1530.  Convince self heat pump is furnace and move racks (aka beds).  Respond to Shipmate with "AND HOW!"  Start rhyming your instructions to junior Sailor.  Reassert dominance when he looks at me quizzically.  Ponder the name Jericho.  Think of a Hilary Duff song.  Miss Hilary Duff.  Read on...

24 February, 2013. 0700.  Put Kindle down having finished book. "SH*T!  I have to be across base in 15 minutes and I have slept zero minutes."  Grab dog tag.  Become strangely disappointed when it doesn't heat up or show anything cool.  Move on ...

24 February, 2013: 0810: See female Soldier's jacked up hair.  Name tape says O'Neill.  Recommend headache band.  Give self props on witty reference.

24 February, 2013. 0930. Present Force Health Protection Brief to room full of ARMY.  Notice Capt. Memphis.  Complain of foot pain.  When he replies "That must be a BEAST," take it as a sign. Get disproportionately angry when he cannot heal foot.  Ask where went he went to University, and listen to how he loved his fraternity.  Ask him if he was a Theta, and chuckle to self.  Watch attentively as he makes a quick escape.

24 February, 2013. 1300.  Check in to Customs for return flight.  Talk to British Soldier about hand washing. Think about Prince Harry. Daydream about husband's ginger hair.  Wish husband had a British accent. UNRESTRICTED INTERNET AGAIN!!!     Praise the Sun Goddess! Download book ...

Until next time, YA-ers, stay fit, stay read, and stay motivated!  RAH!