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Teen Movie Madness: The Molly Ringwald Bracket (Week Two)

You've rocked the vote!  Now let's see what blood feuds are going to eat your soul this week!

Teen Movie Madness: The Molly Ringwald Bracket (Week Two)

PHEW!  Last week's matchups were INTENSE, y'all!  Has anyone's dream bracket stayed completely intact, or did some of the upsets screw you over?

Well, if you thought last Monday's polls were too difficult to deal with, just wait till THIS round.  Also . . . could Empire Records end up getting REALLY far in this bracket?  I guess you guys will decide!

Don't forget, you can download the custom Molly Ringwald Bracket (with percentages of each vote!) here, or check it out below!

Oh, hey, we aren't screwing around with our match ups, y'all.  Do you know how much it is going to HURT MY HEART to have to vote against Center Stage?  I mean, young Zoe Saldana!  Peter Gallagher's eyebrows!  Eating disorders and motorcycles on stage!  But it still ain't no The Breakfast Club.  Hallway slide?  Ally Sheedy's dandruff?  Getting high in the library?  Plus, as far as ending songs go, Simple Minds has it all over fucking Jamiroquai, a band I LOATHE.

And next we have a match up that threatens to make me paralyzed with apathy.  Sorry!  I just don't really care about either film all that much?  Although I do enjoy Bend It Like Beckham, even though I could never buy Kiera Knightley as a hard-ass soccer (sorry, football) star.  Then again, Dead Poets Society has Robin Williams.  And I HATE Robin Williams. How will you vote?

WHOA!  You guys made your love for Liv Tyler and a tiny Ethan Embry known last week when Empire Records eeked by fan favorite, Saved!  But will it have the power to defeat Grease?  (I really hope so.)


I wanna thank y'all for responding so favorably towards Scream last week, therefore besting the hated (by me) Some Kind of Wonderful.  But I don't hold out much hope for it's success against FYA's favorite, Mean Girls.  Better idea!  Mean Girls meets Scream!  With Janis as the killer, obvs.

Just like last week, polls will close at midnight on Saturday, and Alix will post the results on Sunday.  Vote!  And defend your choices in the comments!  

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