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The Veronica Mars Movie Must Haves (And Must Nots)

The Veronica Mars movie is happening! Now it's time to express opinions that will have no actual impact on the film.

The Veronica Mars Movie Must Haves (And Must Nots)

Yesterday, something amazing happened. Something we've been waiting for for years. Something incredible and historic and immense.

White smoke came out of the papal chimney, indicating that Veronica Mars will finally be made into a movie. PRAISE THE LORD!

Now that the Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal, it's time for fans to weigh in on what they hope to see in the film. Because obviously our opinions will be taken into close consideration by Rob Thomas. Right? Right.

After the initial excitement died down here at FYA HQ, things immediately got contentious. I mean, I thought our Movie Madness arguments were bad, but Veronica Mars is so sacred, it's like a holy war up in here. We couldn't even agree on the basic truth of LOGAN AND VERONICA. That's bad, y'all. Seriously, send in the UN, because this conflict is DEEP.

But it makes sense that a great show like Veronica Mars would inspire rabid passion in its fans, and today, we're giving you an outlet for that passion. So check out our fight intellectual discussion below, then cast your votes and chime in the comments section with your opinions!

Oh, and we're not including a poll for Veronica and Keith, because DUH.


We all agree that Logan and Veronica should end up together. Except for Jenny, who said, "Besides Veronica, I only want to see Keith and Backup, with maybe a phone call from Wallace. I just want Veronica to be mentally healthy, and have gotten OUT and away, and that she's happy, and I'm afraid she could never have that with anyone from home. And yes, I realize that I take the mental health of fictional characters waaaayy too seriously." But Jenny, Logan smolders SO WELL!


Besides Keith, Wallace has always been the best guy in Veronica's life, and we can't wait to see that big smile again. Alix said it best: "Oh, how about a DECENT FUCKING LOVE INTEREST FOR WALLACE. What's her face was the worst."


Sure, ok, we hope he and his Meg child are doing ok, but none of us want to see Duncan's face ever again, except for Alix, who said, "I'd actually be fine with Teddy Dunn, as long as he wasn't presented as a love interest in any way, shape or form." Alix, I don't even know you anymore.


Leo was always adorable, and we wouldn't mind a cameo from him, but we don't care THAT much.


Ok, who DOESN'T love Dick Casablancas?! We're even willing to put up with a high school reunion storyline just for the chance to see our favorite asshole.


This shouldn't even be a question because MAC IS AWESOME.


Weevil actually didn't come up in our conversation, which is weird, but I always loved his complicated friendship with Veronica.


Ok, so here's where things started to heat up at FYA HQ. Obviously, we all wish that Season 3 never happened, but it did, and so we must acknowledge Piz. I always thought Piz was sweet and super cute (not to mention CUT), and he couldn't help the fact that Hair & Make-up wanted his hair to look as ridiculous as possible. But the rest of FYA didn't feel the same way, at least, when it came to Piz WITH Veronica. As Megan put it: "Piz was like...exactly the kind of nice, derpy guy who would make a perfect college boyfriend.  FOR GIRLS LIKE US. Not for girls like Veronica."


It turns out that the most controversial issue in the Veronica Mars movie isn't about the storyline or the setting or even about Veronica herself. Nope, it's all about TROY. For someone who only appeared on a few episodes, Troy Vandegraff certainly made some waves... and some enemies. The following is an actual conversation that went down at FYA HQ:


Meghan: I HATED Troy.

Jenny: Nope. I realize he is the Ice Man's twin, but still.

Mandy: My fave non Logan love interest was always Troy, so him please!


Well, no matter who does or doesn't show up in the Veronica Mars movie, I have the sneaking suspicion that we'll love it anyway. After all, as Mandy put it, "I really hope Rob Thomas is all, 'Fuck what y'all want, I'mma do whatevs.' Because the fervent fanaticism wasn't there when the show started, and Season 1 was GLORIOUS." Yes, Mandy, yes it was.

So, now that you've voted, feel free to rant and rave about your choices in the comments as well bring up any folks we missed. Also, if you've got predictions about the movie's plot, we want to hear 'em! VIVA VERONICA.


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