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Procrastination Pro-Tips: More GoT Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: More GoT Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Happy Friday, once again!  This has been an emotional week for me. What with the tough matchups Teen Movie March Madness and the actual March Madness in which my alma mater played with my emotions and ultimately ended up getting knocked out of the tournament.  But it hasn’t been all bad.  Like how today I got a cookie from Michelle Obama.  I mean, indirectly, but still.  It is shaped like Bo.  It is now my most cherished treasure.  But enough about me, let’s talk about the internet.  And all the things happening there!   

Book Related Things

This week in banned book news, Marjane Satrapi‘s graphic novel Persepolis was removed from Chicago Public Schools.  HEY, NOT COOL GUYS.

I don’t normally like books with kissing covers, but I have to make an exception for David Levithan’s upcoming novel.  (Hat Tip: TBS)

Check out all the horrible covers that have befallen these classics.  (The Princess Bride one is seriously all sorts of WTF.)  Also, we should all try and get famous just so we can have our own fancy bookplates for our personal libraries.  

If Hogwarts existed in real life, what books would be on the required reading list?  Check out these lists, sorted by house.

Check out the brand new Best Friends Book Club.  It’s a youtube book club with real teens (not, ya know, adultswholovetoreadteenbooks, ahem).

Movie Related Things

BIG TIME VERONICA MARS MOVIE SPOILERS.  Rob Thomas TELLS US THINGS.  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO LOOK.  If you want to be totally spoiler free, then stay away.  (Hat Tip: Leaky News)

So many casting updates for the Divergent movie!  And apparently the YA movie adaptations of the world can’t get enough of Shailene Woodley. Because not only is she is lead in Divergent, but she’s been officially cast as Hazel Grace in The Fault In Our Stars movie as well.

Not interested in seeing Oz the Great and Powerful?  Well, Vulture has a roundup of other Oz stories you can check out.

A new Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer came out this week.  But what I'm most interested in are these Benedict Cumberbatch gifs.

TV Related Things

Holy Game of Thrones, Batman!  They had a brand new trailer this week!  Plus THREE new TV spots.

Awkward season 3!  Premieres 16 April!  And here’s the trailer!

Miscellaneous Things

Did you watch LBD yesterday?  Okay then, you can go here to freak out and watch these very important gifs, over and over.  STILL haven't watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries yet?  The Awl explains why you should do it now.

And don’t forget about everyone’s March-time favorite...Fug Madness!

That’s all for this week.  Be sure to share with us anything you found on the interwebs this week!

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