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The Vampire Diaries 4x17: Because The Night

Who loves new no-humanity Elena? Jenny does! Jenny does!

The Vampire Diaries 4x17: Because The Night

Ah, New York City.  A young couple, walking hand in hand down the street, and they come upon… a body, lying twisted and broken on the street.  Of course, it's actually Damon!  And they play Psycho Killer as he eats them real quick!  And it was a flashback *Drink!*  Flash to the present, and Damon is explaining the joys of the buffet that is the people of the city.  Of course, he tells Stefan over the phone that he's also there because that vampire friend of his?  The one he punched the heart out of?  He was from NYC.  So he'll be looking for leads about the cure while he's there.  But right then, he has to go, because Elena comes back with some of those purple streaks in her hair all of the kids are so crazy about.  (Oh Shit, purple hair +1)

Caroline is cleaning up from the rager Elena threw at the Salvatore's.  Klaus shows up, but Caroline is NOT happy to see him, and that's not even on account of the fact that he got his bits together with Faye's bits last week.  No, she's still PO'd about Tyler.  For those of you who love Tyler, it's okay to be sad with her, and even talk about it in the comments!  We'll support you in your grieving.  And for those of us who just want Caroline to get over it and move on to the pillowy lips of Klaus… come on!

PSS/Silas is trying to walk Bonnie through a spell or something, but she doesn't trust him.  And, whoah, she KNOWS he's Silas!  And THAT isn't the problem.  He plays on her guilt over Jeremy (RIP), and reminds her that though she has to kill twelve people, they're twelve people she can bring back once the spell is complete. (Oh Shit! +2)

Stefan and Caroline are filling Klaus in on the fact that Silas is probably in town -- he is -- and that once the veil is lifted, or whatever, that every supernatural being ever killed will be back.  Lest we'd forgotten.  Which, we all know, would be way bad, if just for the fact that not only would Jeremy be back, but so would Vicky AND Anna, and how'd a boy choose?

Damon takes Elena to a punk bar called Billy's -- apparently the place where he spent the 70s -- and flashback! *Drink!*  We see that Damon's hair is teased a bit more, and he's wearing an awesome leather jacket and an anarchy t-shirt.  All in all, not a bad look, as far as the 70s went.  Apparently, he killed people and gave their IDs to the Billy guy.  But Lexi shows up! 

In the present, Elena is awesome *Drink!*with her, "You got Lexi'd?"  But then Rebekah appears and slams his face into the bar.  She blows the cover on the whole "following a lead for the race for the cure" thing, but Damon plays it off like she's wrong, and flashback *Drink!* Vampire Jiminy Cricket has come all the way from Mystic Falls, because Damon has obviously turned off his humanity.  Back in the present, we learn the moral of the story was that (as Damon put it, which was awesome *Drink!*) Lexi Florence Nightingaled him until he turned his humanity back on, which was the actual purpose of the NYC trip with Elena.  Of course, it wasn't really.  Anyhoo, Damon goes to get a drink, leaving Rebekah and Elena to some girl time, during which Elena lets on that she knows Damon is still looking for the cure, and so is she.  So she can find it first.  (Oh Shit! +3)  Oooh, maybe she'll give it to the one person who actually wants it, Rebekah!

Klaus is awesome *Drink!* as he drops some innuendoes about how everyone's drawn to darkness while he, Stefan and Caroline search PSS's office.  Caroline finds a book that describes what Silas will have to do next, which is…

Kill a bunch of witches, as PSS/Silas explains to Bonnie.  Again, she's reticent, and again he's all like, "how many times do I have to tell you that you can raise them all once the spell is complete?"  Which maybe means he's lying about that.  Bonnie's dad comes home, and Bonnie explodes all the windows to prove to him that she needs more "counseling" from PSS/Silas.  (Oh Shit! +4)  Across the country, parents are thanking their lucky stars for normal teenagers.  Then Bonnie tells her dad that she needs witches.  A lot of them.

Back at the punk club, Rebekah is awesome *Drink!* with her reference to the INFAMOUS BON JOVI CONCERT!!!  Then in a series of flashbacks *Drink!* we see that Damon and Lexi got to eat on folks at rock shows.  Not gonna lie.  Seems like an analogy for sex.  Also, in the present, we see Damon and Elena eating a girl at a rock concert!  And if THAT wasn't super-charged enough, Rebekah JOINS them.  Whoah.  Oh, but then Damon ducks out to check out Billy's office.

Bonnie meets a witch in the woods, and oh!  She just happened to bring 11 of her closest witch friends!  How convenient! (Oh Shit! +5)
Caroline and Klaus are DEFINITELY flirting over geometry as they look for where the next massacre might be, but Stefan interrupts with news, dammit.

Meanwhile, the witch coven is trying to spell the Expression out of Bonnie, but not having much luck.  Mostly, there's a lot of writhing and Bonnie's eyes go white. (Oh Shit! +6)

Damon is awesome *Drink!* telling Stefan that he was the better boyfriend because he could remember Katherine's birthday, which helps him find a file that includes a bunch of Katherine's previous addresses.  Flashback *Drink!* Lexi would make Damon tell her all about his feelings for Katherine in her quest to help him heal.  Only thing is, he developed feelings for Lexi!  (Oh Shit! +7)  Which made her happy, because it turned his humanity back on.  So they got it on a bunch.  (Which kind of makes his killing her in the first season a double ouch.)  Anyway, Elena is totally into this story, and wants to head on up to the roof -- one of the many places they boned -- to hear more about it.  This leaves Rebekah alone, and she is hilarious in her dealing with unwanted advances. *Drink!*

Caroline and Klaus bicker flirtatiously as they search the woods for the witch massacre, but then Caroline tells him that while she might have entertained feelings for him once, he's done -- and keeps doing -- too many bad things for her to fall for him now.  She's convincing when she says this, but the rest of the flirting would lead me to believe otherwise.

Stefan finds the witch massacre, and tells them that Silas has brainwashed Bonnie into doing his bidding.  This makes the lead witch decide to kill Bonnie, and she gives Stefan a migraine when he tries to stop her.  (Oh Shit! +8)  Klaus and Caroline arrive, and Klaus tells them there's nothing to be done now, because the only way to stop the witches from killing Bonnie, is to kill the witches, which is exactly what Silas wants.  Caroline, seeing her friend about to be stabbed, runs in and stabs the lead witch, which starts the rest of them a-falling like dominoes.  Uh-oh.  (Oh Shit! +9)  It should be noted that Klaus screamed "NO!" as Caroline was doing this, and if the man-tear in his eye was any indication, I think it was because he didn't want her to have the blood of all those witches on her hands.

Elena wants to have some sexytimes with Damon on the roof, but it takes some convincing before… kissage! *Drink!*  But she ruins the moment when she goes for the list of addresses in his pocket.  Damon is awesome *Drink!* when he tells her he invented that trick.  Turns out, he never did like Lexi.  He was only pretending!  So he could lock her on the roof where she'd have to hide from the sun.  Because, even though daywalking rings practically grow on trees, she never got one.  Aw, poor Lexi.  Elena brings up a valid point, that it seems like Damon's emotions weren't all turned off, because he could feel hate and anger.  He doesn't deny it.  I think this merits further discussion in the comments.  Anyway, he tells Elena that he's going to MAKE her take the cure, and there's nothing she can do about it, but then Rebekah breaks his neck.  (Oh Shit! +10)  Girlfriends!

Bonnie wakes up and has no memory of anything after the island!  Stefan has to tell her about Jeremy all over again!  (Oh Shit! +11)
Klaus buried all of the witches while Caroline looks on in shock.  She is torn between the fact that she saved Bonnie, and that she killed all of those witches, and wants Klaus to comfort her in her grief and shock, but he throws her words back in her face, and suggests she find someone less terrible to comfort her.  Ouch.  Looks like this season, Klaus is the new Damon.  Right after Caroline runs off, Silas appears and thanks Klaus, because the witch massacre was the one he was most dreading.  What?  (Oh Shit! +12)

Damon wakes up on the roof, which is some poetic justice, let me tell you, for the sake of Lexi and Bon Jovi.  He calls Elena, but she and Rebekah are leaving town, and taking his car!  ROAD TRIP!!! *Drink!*  I'm so happy that they're friends now.

Silas tells Klaus that if he brings him the cure, he'll let him live.  He then produces the old white oak stake to prove his point! (Oh Shit! +13)  And when Klaus tries to grab him, Silas stakes him in the back with it, and breaks off a piece of it inside him! (Oh Shit! +14) Oh noes!

Okay, Your turn.  I, for one, am loving Elena, and can't wait for next week, because Elena, Rebekah AND Katherine?  But what about poor Klaus?  Do you agree with me that he's become the new self-sabotaging one of the bunch?

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