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300 Fox Way Party Line: Predictions For THE DREAM THIEVES

Now that we've all read The Raven Boys, let's wildly speculate about what will happen in the sequel, The Dream Thieves.

300 Fox Way Party Line: Predictions For THE DREAM THIEVES

Note: This post contains spoilers about The Raven Boys. If you haven't read it yet, STOP NOW AND GET THEE TO A LIBRARY.

As many of y'all are aware, FYA Book Clubs across the country (and the world!) read Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys last month. Whether you loved the book or hated it (ha ha, JK, it is impossible to hate this book), I guarantee that we all had the same reaction upon finishing the last page. And that reaction went something like this:


*For those of you who didn't know that The Raven Boys was the first in a four part series, it probably went more like: WHAT THE WHAT! WHAT KIND OF SHIM SHAM ENDING IS THIS?! Wait... OH GODAMMIT THERE'S A SEQUEL.

And since that sequel, The Dream Thieves, doesn't come out until September 17th, the only way to survive this interminable wait is by sharing theories and predictions on what will happen next for Blue, Gansey, Adam, Ronan and the rest of Henrietta's star residents. Because with four books left, you know a ton of shizz is gonna go down.

Let's begin with some ideas shared by various FYA Book Club members:

- I'm pretty sure Gansey is going to die by bee sting. - Lorren L.

- I am convinced Ronan is able to either take things from other people's dreams, or create them from his. I think his dad was able to do it and some how that is what got him killed! Scandalous! - Alex M.

- The Toronto club discussed and definitely agreed that Ronan killed his father. We're not sure if it was by accident or on purpose, but he's definitely harboring a lot of guilt. We also definitely agreed that Gansey and Blue WILL kiss, but the "death" part of it might not be as literal as she's taking it to be. - Tiff I.

- Blue's dad will be found or she'll find out more about him. - Jenny B.

- The Huntsville, AL book club believes that Ronan will have a much larger part in the next book and, because thieves is plural, that his brothers might have similar powers to him. - Julia

Now, because I'm a proud member of my local FYA Book club, here's some predictions from Austin:

- Adam will become the Big Bad in the series.

- Ronan accidentally killed his father while using his gift (manifesting things from dreams) and that's why he's so secretive about his father's death. Alternately, his brother Declan has this same power, and he's the one who accientally killed his father. That's why Calla says, "A secret killed your father and you know what it is."

- Helen will play a bigger role in the next book (simply because she's too awesome not to).

- Via Cabeswater, the group will experience some kind of time travel (which might explain the rock with Ronan's handwriting).

- Blue's dad is from Cabeswater, which means he's from another time (and world?).

- Gansey must ultimately sacrifice himself in the quest for Glendower, and Blue helps him do it, which is how she "kills" him.

Alright, now that we've listed some predictions, we still have... 161 days left to wait. Crap.

Let's kill more time in the comments with your own theories and musings, plus your answers to these questions:

- Do you think Neeve is good or bad?

- Do you think Blue and Gansey will really end up together?

- Which Raven Boy is your favorite?

- Who, out of the whole group, will be the first to find Glendower, and what will he/she wish for?

And if any of y'all are real psychics, GIVE US THE SCOOP.

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