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What a Cruel Thing to Pretend

Erin reviews Jennifer Archer's The Shadow Girl and manages to review it without employing even one curse word, y'all!  (Which was fucking difficult!)

What a Cruel Thing to Pretend

BOOK REPORT for The Shadow Girl by Jennifer Archer

Cover Story: Two Big Faces; No Waiting
BFF Charm: Nope
Swoonworthy Scale: 1
Talky Talk: Dan Brownisms
Bonus Factors: Dolly the Sheep
Anti-Bonus Factor: Bad Science; Too Much Plot on Our Hands
Relationship Status: It's Not Me; It's You.

Read the rest of this review in which I didn't curse even once even though I REALLY WANTED TO over at Kirkus!  (Then come back because I really do want to employ curse words to discuss it.)

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