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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Anne of Cleves Gables

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Anne of Cleves Gables

Happy Friday everyone!  For those of you in the good ol’ USA, I hope you’ve finished your taxes.  That’s what I need to be doing right now, instead of finding articles for you all to read on the internet.  Oops...

Book Related Things

Anne of Cleves plus Anne of Green Gables in a brilliant mashup.

A well researched look at diversity in YA bestsellers by author Malinda Lo.  (Guys, it’s pretty sad when Pretty Little Liars makes the majority of diverse bestsellers.)

What changes in the publishing industry and how we read books could mean for authors.

Have we rid sexism from the publishing world?  Not so much.

New imprint by Shelf Discovery’s Lizzie Skurnick aims to reissue popular old YA that have gone out of print.  (Also, love those covers!)

Author Adelle Waldman takes a look at all of Jane Austen’s novels (and ranks them while she's at it.)

One of many YA spring release previews.  What are you looking forward to the most?

An old Mark Twain story, Advice to Little Girls, has been published with its long lost illustrations.

Try not to feel too jealous of this talented teen writer.

Movie Related Things

The Carrie remake finally gets a full trailer.  Maybe they’ll dump something other than pigs blood on her?  Eh?  How’s that for a twist?

First still from Catching Fire, plus info on the Mockingjay filming locations.

TV Related Things

Two Game of Thrones on spoiler culture, the other on magic.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. tv show gets a new name and a detailed synopsis.

That’s all for this week.  You know the drill.  Let us know if there’s anything you read and wanted to share!

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