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Visiting Neptune For The First Time

It's hard to believe that a person can exist without ever having seen Veronica Mars. Well, meet Rebecca Serle.

Visiting Neptune For The First Time

We love Rebecca Serle. She's a talented novelist, a supportive member of the writing community and an all around mega cool gal. However, as we once learned in a heated discussion regarding Who Would You Date Now: Brian Krakow or Jordan Catalano, Rebecca occasionally misses the boat on pop culture. Usually, it's something we love teasing her about. But sometimes, it makes us insanely jealous, like when we realized that she was just now getting to experience the magic of Veronica Mars for the first time and OMG REBECCA JUST STOP AFTER SEASON TWO. JUST STOP. Anyhoodle, we've been dying to know what it's like to meet Veronica, Logan and the gang in 2013, so we asked her for a glimpse into the mind of a VM virgin...

Veronica Mars has been in my blind spot for quite some time now. I must have been graduating high school when it started (and therefore DEEPLY involved in the romantic antics of Liz and Max). Or maybe I was beginning college and wading my way through the Laguna Beach of it all. I don’t know what my excuse is. It was way before the vampires, that’s for sure. Point is: I, Rebecca Serle, have seriously been missing out. And last week, on a flight from NYC to London, I got my act together and finally got involved.

Let’s start with Kristen Bell. I have worshipped her since Forgetting Sarah Marshall but I clearly did not understand the full effects of her creature until I started Veronica Mars. She IS this show. Whoever titled it totally got the memo. The plot is fun and addictive (albeit a little bizarre), and the secondary characters are cool (chill, I’ll get to Logan and he’ll have a different adjective) but VM is all about the Bell. It’s a huge feat for a young star to carry a show the way she did with this one. Mad props.

The plot. I’m only halfway through season 2, so let me say I do not know how this thing wraps up, but what was it like watching it for the first time? Because the mystery moves SLOWLY. I gave up on Revenge for this reason, which is why it’s fun to be able to marathon VM. I think I would have stuck with it, though—see: “Kristen Bell.” And I will say: the twist at the end of season 1 was a huge shocker. No sarcasm. That’s rare.

The love triangle. So some of you have been yelling at me on twitter about the fact that VM is not a love triangle and to that I say…one girl plus two romantic interests that happen to be best friends is a…line? Wrong. I know we’re not talking Stefan and Damon levels, here, but c’mon, there is a geometric figure at work. It’s just incredibly lopsided. Because…okay. I’m sure Teddy Dunn is an awesome guy. I’m sure he’s a great actor, too. But how did he get on this show playing Kristen Bell’s love interest? I have never in my entire history with television (and it is extensive) seen two characters with less chemistry than these guys. It’s actually sort of painful to watch. Call me old fashion but I like my characters to have romantic roadblocks with people who are actually threats. I’m looking at you, Noel Crane.

I guess that’s it! Watching Veronica Mars now is…

Oh, what? You want to talk about Logan? I mean, sure, if you insist on it.

Logan Echolls. I tend to be a purist when it comes to television love. I root for the first one. No, I was not Team Dawson (cut me some slack, here) but I am Team Stefan and I waited an embarrassingly long time for Kristen Kreuk to show back up on Smallville (Louis and Clark who?). But I gotta say—Logan had me at hello. The guy is charming, witty, devastatingly snarky and super hot. I loved the end of season 1 when they were together and I’m waiting patiently for what I believe will be a renaissance of their relationship (don’t crush my dreams).

So that’s that. If you want to keep abreast of my progress with VM come visit me on twitter: @RebeccaASerle. Mostly I talk about Paul Wesley but who knows, you could be into that. Should. You should be into that.

How about you guys? What TV shows did you skip as a teen and visit for the first time as a grown up?



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