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Blog Tour: The 5th Wave

Just in case we haven't already convinced you to read The 5th Wave, here's an audio excerpt from the book!

Blog Tour: The 5th Wave

Y'all, I think I was pretty clear in my review. You need to read The 5th Wave, and you need to read it now. It's intense and emotional and thrilling and compelling and nail-biting and swoon-worthy and ALL OF THE THINGS.

Which is why we are pleased as punch to serve as a stop on the official blog tour!

When we did a giveaway for the book, we asked y'all what you would put in your backpack in the case of an alien invasion. You had some great answers (including a Kindle, Snickers bars and adult diapers), so I thought I would contribute my list as well:

- Jumbo size bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (cos calories don't count in the apocalypse)

- Pride & Prejudice (Mr. Darcy would still be more exciting to me than visitors from another planet)

- Toothbrush (I wore braces for seven years. Therefore, my teeth are the most valuable thing I own and must be cared for.)

- Toilet Paper (Cos otherwise, ew)

- Hand Sanitizer (See above)

- A Gun (I learned a thing or two from Cassie)

- Mascara (Sorry, but what if I meet a dashing hero? A girl has to be prepared.)

- Dry Shampoo (Ditto)

- Deodorant (I'm starting to feel superficial here.)

- Water bottle (I have to have ONE practical thing, right?)

Obviously, I would be dead in three hours.

And now, in case you haven't already been hooked, here's an audio excerpt from The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. Check it out, then head directly to your local library or bookstore and GET THIS BOOK INTO YOUR GRABBY LITTLE HANDS. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just DO IT.

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