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Awkward 3x6: That Girl Strikes Again

Jenna is totally the Sookie of Awkward.

Awkward 3x6: That Girl Strikes Again

Previous episode: "Indecent Exposure"

Thanks to this episode, I've made a huge discovery.

And that discovery is... I don't like Jenna.

There! I've said it! And I kind of feel bad about it buuuuut it's true. She was my homegirl all through season one, and I was rooting for her in season two, but now... now I just wish she would go away and leave the show in the capable hands of the rest of the cast. She's basically become the Sookie of Awkward.

Fave slang/phrase: "Put your hater shades on and black out her vibes." - Tamara (Runner up: "That's really fu-jacked." - T)

Matty or Jake or Colin (who won this episode): Well, shizz, now I feel like I need to add Austin up in this mix, because he is totes adora-weird. (He better not be a replacement for Kyle!) But sticking with our three main dudes (for now), I'll have to go with Matty. I know, I'm as surprised as you are! Sure, Colin was smokin' hot, per yooj, and Jake was preciously high, but Matty continued to be INSANELY mature. He didn't bolt from the party, even though he was having a bad time, and he gave Jenna the sweetest compliment ever (which, I'm sorry, but she did not deserve).

OMG moment: It was less of a shocked OMG and more of a OH NO YOU DI-NT (ONYD) but when Jenna whipped out her "suicide" story, I was like WTF.

Here's what happened:

It's Halloween, and Jenna didn't dress up. She's already feeling insecure about her lack of a costume, but then she sees the Hot and Not Lists posted around school by a biotch princess named "Sabri." (I could have mispelled it but, as Tamara pointed out, what kind of name is Sabri?) Matty is, of course, on the Hot List, and Jenna is on the Not List. Which doesn't make sense, because Jenna is pretty, but moreover, COLIN ISN'T ON THE HOT LIST? I CALL SHENANIGANS.

In order to avoid Sabri's Halloween party, Jenna suggests that they crash the party at Colin's girlfriend, Angelique's, house. Due to the laws of nature, Angelique is super pretty, and she also happens to be Sadie's archnemesis from junior high. As Sadie puts it, "We were best friends until 9/11... the 9 to 11-year-old horseback riding competition." Once they get into the party, Sadie is obsessed with finding the Golden Horsehoe that she should have won, and while searching for it, she meets Austin, Angelique's brother. (Was he holding an oxygen mask?) I like Austin immediately, which is weird, because he likes Sadie immediately and asks for her digits at the end of the night. Well, he's a hell of a step up from Ricky Schwartz!

Meanwhile, Jake eats a pumpkin cookie, which is really a "space" cookie, which is really a pot cookie, and gets super high. He is therefore ill equipped to help Tamara when a rando girl gets her face piercing stuck on T's sweater. This scene made me feel a lot better about the time I got my bracelet caught on my sweater, because I didn't have to make awkward conversation with my wrist for the next half hour.

Meanwhile, Jenna tells a guy with a crow's head that Colin is a douche, and SURPRISE (JK, not a surprise at all), Colin is under that crow's head. She feels terrible, but he and Matty hit it off, and they eventually end up playing a game of Confession. Jenna's low self-esteem strikes again, and, in order to sound interesting, she confesses that, "I was the girl who tried to kill herself." UGH, JENNA, STOP OVER-COMPENSATING. She milks this story for all of its worth, and Colin's friends think that she's positively ENCHANTING. Oooh, maybe she'll switch schools and we'll never have to see her again! Too much to ask?

Jenna feels like a hero, but Matty is uncomfortable, and then Jake falls and breaks a coffee table. (How v. Tommy Boy of you, Jake!) While cleaning up the glass, Angelique tells Jenna that she is way out of Matty's league, which is... not true? Then Jenna finds Matty patiently waiting for her in the car, and when she asks why he likes her, he says that she is "the best person I know. Every moment I spend with you, I get better." And because she is so NOT in his league, she just says that she feels the same way. WAH WAAAAAH.

So yeah, I didn't love this episode. Guess I'll just have to comfort myself with this photo.

Helloooo gorgeous!

So, is anyone else sick of Jenna? Also, do we need to lead a search party for Ming? Leave your rants/raves/predictions in the comments!

Next episode: "Guilt Trippin'"

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