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YA Movie News Roundup: Judy Blume Hits The Silver Screen…Finally.

A new weekly column gives you all the YA movie scoop you can handle. 

YA Movie News Roundup: Judy Blume Hits The Silver Screen…Finally.

Welcome to the YA Movie News Roundup, a new weekly column wherein I scour the Internet to bring you all the dirt you can handle on upcoming young adult film adaptations. Straight from those blogs to this blog to you!

This Friday, the long awaited adaptation of Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes - the titan of teen angst's first Hollywood adaptation EVER - will finally hit screens. Can you believe none of La Blume's books have ever been made into feature films? That's crazy! Tiger Eyes will be directed by her son Lawrence Blume (he previously directed Martin & Orloff), who also adapted the book into a screenplay. It stars the lovely Willa Holland (Gossip GirlThe O.C.Arrow) as Davey and - whoa! - Felicity's Amy Jo Johnson (Julie, aka The Pink Ranger) as Gwen. About adapting Tiger Eyes, Blume said "They asked us which one we would like to do, and we didn't hesitate for a second. Because we always knew which one." Read the interview with Judy here and one with Blume and her son Lawrence here

And check out a brand new clip from Tiger Eyes below!

Hypable has a good little editorial on why you guys need to simmer down about Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort being cast as bf-gf in The Fault in our Stars and siblings in Divergent. The short answer? They're actors. Playing a part. From a script. This does not qualify as incest in any way, shape or form. Read it!

Chicago FYAers - you want to be an extra in Divergent? You can! Provided you have funky hair, that is - Abnegation initiates need not apply. Here's the scoop.

EW has an exclusive on the adaptation of The Maze Runner. Check out the very cool concept art above and read a few words from director Wes Ball here

And below you can watch the short film Ball directed, titled Ruin, that scored him the coveted gig of directing The Maze Runner

MTV tried their hand at casting The 5th Wave's Cassie. Do you prefer their picks or Posh's? They're all great options, and I appreciate that MTV went color-blind in their fantasy casting.

Glimmer from The Hunger Games film (Leven Rambin) is really taking off! She followed that up with another YA movie (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters), and now she's got two indie dramas lined up. Read it!

Jonathan Levine discusses his adaptation of Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies on a new featurette on the film's Blu-ray shared by USA Today. He says one of the biggest challenges in adapting was that "So much of the book is told from [R's] internal monologue. So it's about how you get the movie to be from his point of view without it being wall-to-wall voiceover."

Watch it!

HuffPo has a slideshow of awesome YA books turned movies, which is sort of a big fat duh if you're a regular reader of this blog, but it's a decent overview nonetheless, and offers trailers for most of the films. Check it out. 

And speaking of duh, PR Newswire wants you to know that "Young Adult Books Turn Into Movies." You don't say! 

So there you have it! If you stumble on any juicy scoops throughout the week, email 'em to me at Give me your thoughts on Tiger Eyes, the Cassie fantasy casting, whether Levine succeeded with Warm Bodies and any other deets below!

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