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Precocious Orphans, Kittens, and Drunk Vampires: The Best of Jenny

What's the blogger equivalent of TEABS?

Precocious Orphans, Kittens, and Drunk Vampires: The Best of Jenny

Earlier this month, Jenny turned in her champ cans said farewell to Forever Young Adult, after having helped launch the site four long years ago. Now that we’ve had time to properly process our grief, we put together a list of our favorite Jenny posts. Let’s all relive the Jenny magic together!

At this point, Jenny’s name is pretty much synonymous with her TVD recaps, and many of you will mourn the loss of your discussions on The Handsome Club. But Jenny watched other shows, too, like Game of Thrones and My So Called Life. I could never stomach Angela Chase, myself, but thanks to Jenny’s rewatch, cultural references achievement unlocked!

Jenny also brought the gift of cute animals to FYA. I am one of those curmudgeonly people who would install a browser extension to block cat memes from Facebook (and believe, me I have searched far and wide for such an extension), but even I have to admit that Jenny’s pets are incredibly adorable. I am not exaggerating when I say that Maudy is the best damn dog on the planet. I feel confident that anyone who has met her would agree with me. What are we going to do without updates of Maudy and Sutch’s improbable sisterly love?

I stole these pictures off Jenny's Facebook for you.

There's also the time Jenny drank her way through four long Twilight movies. One time, I tried to play the Twilight Drinking Game: Original Flavor and only made it 45 minutes into the movie before we ran out of alchohol. I’m fairly heartbroken that all the comments on those posts seem to have disappeared, because we still get comments—mostly from a bizarre contingent of fratty dudes—from people telling us how they googled “Twilight Drinking Game” and are now three sheets to the wind. Luckily for you, I have one such comment saved in my inbox:

It was a quiet saturday evening. December the 1st, the snow was falling, Decorations were being made, dinner was being eaten. I brought up the brilliant idea: "Hey. Let's get super drunk whille watching Twilight movies! That way, we can hate on these movies in a totally objective way!"

Only one guy agreed. So, he googled "twilight drinking game" and stumbled upon this gem.

Long story short: 1 crate of beers later (1 crate: 24 beers) he is currently puking his guts out, and I am fairly drunbk. Keep in mind, I'm a 200 cm tall, almost 100 kg guy, so I can drink way more than the average guy, which is why I'm alive to write this post.

We made it trough the movie, but both contemplated stopiing shortly before the (terrible) ballet-room scene as we were almost running out of beer.

Next weekend: New Moon. These movies arent halt bad, if you focus on the alcohol and not the horrivle plot/acting.

Thank you for this great game. Tomorrow I'll probbably wake up thinking "what the fuck did I do, and also WHY!?!!!" But right now, I regret notinhg.


_drunk guy from Denmark

It’s comments like these that make me proud to write for FYA. I bask in the knowledge that without Jenny’s important work, we’d have two fewer drunk guys in Denmark, marveling over Kristen Stewart’s infinite ability to mumble.

Of course, FYA, at its core, is a book review site. It’s a standing joke that Jenny always gets the worst books, mostly because she doesn’t Fred Savage things just because there are faeries or vampires or other dubious elements. But in reading anything and everything, Jenny has introduced us to some of our favorite authors, like A.S. King, and (now) FYA’s own Brian Katcher. Most recently, she reviewed everyone’s new favorite book, Eleanor & Park. Bonus: my favorite Between Two Lockers ever, Ashfall author Mike Mullin. We also revisited some excellent classic literature with Jenny, including the entire Anne of Green Gables run. Perhaps her greatest legacy here will have been bringing us so many good things to read, in spite of all the faerie books.

Jenny we miss you, but we can’t wait to see you back on FYA as a published author someday. Get that novel finished so we can finally see what a B2L with Jenny Bird looks like.

What do you miss most now that Jenny is gone?

Alix West's photo About the Author: Alix is a writer and illustrator who spends way too much time reading Jane Austen retellings of varying quality.