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Camp 1x1: Pilot

Posh checks out NBC's new show about three stars from Dance Academy summer camp.

Camp 1x1: Pilot

I would like to begin this post by complaining about the fact that Australians are currently enjoying the third and final season of Dance Academy, the greatest teen drama of this century (exhibits A and B), while we Americans languish in withdrawal until such time as Netflix decides to end our suffering. Hello, isn't this why the United Nations exists? To ensure a world of peaceful coexistence and equality? Our countries are supposed to be FRIENDS, and friends SHARE THINGS.

ANYway, NBC has given us something to numb the pain by casting not one, not two, but three actors from Dance Academy in their new series, Camp. And we're not talking stupid Tara, either. We're talking SAMMY AND ABIGAIL, a.k.a. my favorite characters, a.k.a. I might be crying right now. (Oh yeah, and Ethan, but I guess you can't win 'em all. I choose to believe that Ben and Christian were unavailable.) So obviously I had to watch. Obviously.

But then something really bad happened, you guys. Not, like, my teacher broke my back bad, or my best friend going out with my recent and super hot ex-boyfriend bad, but I FORGOT TO SET MY DVR. I know, I know, I can't believe I let Abigail down like that. She's been through so much already!

Soooo I only caught the last half hour of the show. But that was actually enough time for me to figure out that this show is kinda bad, and I WILL BE WATCHING IT EVERY WEEK.*

I haven't quite nailed down a recap structure yet, so let's just go with some basic pros and cons. Feel free to supplement my list with your own raves/rants in the comments, especially those of you who actually watched the whole episode.

The Pros:


Ok, her real name is Dena Kaplan, and on this show, she plays a character named Sarah Brennen, who seems a lot nicer than Abigail, which is a shame. But otherwise, it's great to see Dena again (girl is FIT), and her American accent isn't half bad!


Sammy's real name is Tom Green, and he plays Kip Wampler, who fortunately is very much like Sammy. He also has leukemia (?), and that makes me miss the Benster, but I can deal. Also, Tom's American accent is terrible, and by that I mean, adorable.

- FYA Casting Goldmine

This show features several new-to-me teen actors, and you'll be seeing plenty of them in my upcoming book reports, particularly Marina (Lily Sullivan) and Grace (Charlotte Nicdao)

- Summer Camp!

There better be an episode with Capture the Flag or I will be sending a v. strongly worded letter to NBC.

The Cons:

- Mack and Buzz

Mack is the camp's owner, and Buzz is her son. And if you couldn't tell by this photo, they both annoy the shizz out of me.

- Gross Romance

I can't understand why a casting director who's brilliant enough to cast people from Dance Academy would then go and cast these guys as Mack's main love interests.

SAY WHAAAAAT?!!! And also NO.

- The Writing

The writing is... not the best.

So, what say you, fellow campers? What did you think about the pilot, and will you be tuning in next week? Let's convo in the comments, and please, refrain from any major Sammy and Abigail-related Dance Academy spoilers because I CAN'T AFFORD TO GET THAT EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW.

*Until Dance Academy Season 3 is available in the United States. Then it's PEACE OUT CAMP.

Next episode: "Capture the Flag"

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