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The Theory Of Everything: Mixtape Strategy

Kari Luna, author of The Theory of Everything, stops by with a giveaway and a handy mixtape survival list.

The Theory Of Everything: Mixtape Strategy

In my new teen novel, The Theory of Everything, the main character, Sophie Sophia, makes Survival Lists. How to survive a new town, a visit to the principal's office, boys, and yes – mixtapes without her favorite band on them. Here's one of the "extra" lists that didn't make it into the book. May it help you with your own playlist challenges. Which – let's face it – aren't really that challenging!

by Sophia Sophia.

1. Comfort yourself by knowing you have the entire Smiths collection and can listen to it whenever you want.

2. Wonder about the person who made the tape. Who makes an entire playlist without one Smiths song on it?

3. Focus on the songs that are on the tape. Oh, look! The Ramones!

4. Lean back in your beanbag chair/pile of pillows/hammock.

5. Close your eyes. Listen.

6. (Insert swell of emotion + forgiveness of lack of Smiths, here.)

7. Grin. Giggle. Rewind. Press Play and repeat. Forever.

What's your number one band requirement for a mixtape? Leave your answer in the comments for a chance to win these super cute buttons plus The Theory of Everything poster (which is the perfect thing to stare at while listening to music).

Kari Luna is a teen novelist and whimsicologist. Her YA debut, The Theory of Everything, combines string theory, 80's mixtapes and shaman pandas in one book without making you dizzy. Almost. Oh! And it's available now. Watch the awesome video here. And find Kari, here: www.kariluna.com tweet: @wordette tumblr: blog.kariluna.com.

Continue the tour – and find out what Sophie thinks about pandas – Friday, July 12th, at The Young Folks.