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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Field Trip To Austenland!

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Field Trip To Austenland!

So many links today!  Let’s get right to it!

Book Related Things

Post WWI depression?  Your prescription...some Jane Austen.  Speaking of, be sure to watch what may be the best youtube video summary of Pride and Prejudice.

Did you know these 12 celebrities wrote novels?  Also, 28 favorite books that are huge red flags.  (I disagree with a few there, but most are pretty right on.)

What makes you stop reading a book?

Dewey Decimal jewelry (sorry, not sorry, LOC lovers.)

Fashion inspired by your favorite Baby-Sitters Club member.

Rookie interviews Judy Blume!

How does one score a book deal these days?  How about by embarrassing your college-aged son with terribly outmoded marriage advice for women?

DOJ finds Apple guilty of ebook price fixing.  Also, see how current copyright law affects the availability of works published after 1923.

Amazon created their own comics imprint!  And they’ve got some big names signed up already.

Movie Related Things

The first trailer for Austenland has been released.  Watch it below:

What do you think?  I think I’m excited.  And Keri Russell is adorable.  But it looks to me like the plot has her choosing some grumpy Darcy type over Bret McKenzie.  Bret McKenzie.  That’s just wrong.

Check out this trailer for a documentary being made about voice actorsI Know That Voice is set to feature, basically, everyone you’d ever want it to.

Movie casting news time!  James Franco to join the Veronica Mars himself.  (Note: minor plot spoilers!)  Stellan Skarsgard is joining Cinderella.  And in case you haven’t been keeping up on your own, Guardians of the Galaxy has been collecting cast members left and right.  So far they include Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, Karen Gillan (as Nebula the space pirate) and a super jacked Chris Pratt.  Damn.

io9 has a great roundup of all the SFF novels getting turned into movies or tv shows over the next year.

Andrew Garfield’s comments on a gay Spiderman are perfect.  (Also, Michael B. Jordan?  I approve!)

This pissing contest between Warner Bros. and Weinstein Company concerning a title dispute over The Bulter is kind of facinating.

TV Related Things

Legend of Korra Book 2 voice casting and stills!  Check ‘em out!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is getting a pilot on Fox.  Well, at least we know there’s no way it will be as shitty as the movie version.  So we can really only go up from here!

Check out these Game of Thrones characters drawn in the style of The Simpsons and Nickelodeon cartoons drawn as adults.  (But why are they all hipsters?  Angelica would never be a hipster.)

Sad news for Community fans: Donald Glover will only be in five episodes next season.

Netflix’s new original series Orange Is The New Black debuted yesterday.  (Hopefully it will be more of a House of Cards and less of a Hemlock Grove.)

Miscellaneous Things

WHY.  This Colin Firth emerging from the water statue is the creepiest thing ever.  You can even see his nips!  Also creepy?  Celebrity Centaurs.

A map of the world, with literal names.

Dustin Hoffman talks about his role in Tootsie and...just...I love you so much Dustin.

Aaaaaaaand that’s all for this week.  Share anything great you found in the comments below!

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