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Camp 1x2: Capture The Flag

Just when Posh thought she was giving up on Camp, Christian appeared. CHRISTIAN!!!!!

Camp 1x2: Capture The Flag

Previous episode: "Pilot"

So, in spite of a lackluster premiere, I'm still watching Camp, because this is the only way for me to pretend that the characters in Dance Academy are real people in my life. Consequently, I will refer to them by their true names instead of their Camp names, because we all know it's ABIGAIL, not Sarah. Please.

I also won't be writing a summary of the episode, because let's be honest, I'm not watching for the story. Instead, I'll offer up a basic list of Dance Academy-related items pros and cons which we can then dissect together in the comments.

Alrighty, campers, let's do this!

Camp Awesome


- GRACE IS ON THIS SHOW?!!! Granted, Grace is Satan, but she's still a Dance Academy alum so YAY!

- Sammy being "postiive." "Now let's go eat breakfast with these amazing ho-bags!"

- Abigail and Ethan being adorable together.

- Capture the Flag! Damn, this show jumped the shark early.

- Abigail looking fierce in her war paint.

- Christian stealing Marina from Sammy. Oh Christian, you're such a cad! A smokin' hot, totally legal cad.

- Grace (Camp Grace, not Dance Academy Grace. Shizz, this is gonna get confusing) and her high self-esteem. Work it girl!

- Water balloon slo-mo.

- The adorably weird kiss between Sammy and Zoe.

Camp Terrible

- Steve, Mack's ex-husband, who is just as awful as she is. I better not have to see any flashbacks to their wedding or I will HURL.

- Buzz. Yep, still obnoxious.

- Ethan's gambling addict mom. MELODRAMAAAAA.

- Buzz saying the word "oral."

- The fat kid cliches.

Camp WTF

- Ethan eating french toast without a shirt. I mean, honestly.

So, what did y'all think? Is this show getting better, or is it just the Christian Effect? Let's convo in the comments!

Next episode: "The Mixer"

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