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Camp 1x3: The Mixer

In which Posh wonders if there are any non-Dance Academy fans watching Camp and, if so, why?

Camp 1x3: The Mixer

Previous episode: "Capture the Flag"

If there was ever a time to prove my Dance Academy swimfandom, that time is now. Because Camp is truly terrible. And yet, I continue to watch it for the following reasons:

1. Sammy

2. Abigail

3. Ethan & Christian

4. The hope that Ben & Kat will show up

As I stated last week, I won't bother recapping the show but will instead focus on the highs and lows of each episode while remaining narrowly focused on the cast of Dance Academy. Because nothing else matters.

Camp Awesome

- Two (male) topless members of Dance Academy

- Sammy to Buzz: "I don't think you know what the word racist means."

- Sammy trying to say "fruit" in an American accent.

- The hot tub. Let's hope it's also a time machine that can take us back to Dance Academy Season 2.

- Ethan and Abigail canoodling in the sunset.

- Abigail giving Marina a new bikini with a note that reads, "They're bitches. Ignore them." Because Abigail has a black belt in bitchery.

- The music on this show is surprisingly great?!

- Speaking of, OPP! Always a crowd pleaser.

Camp Terrible

- Chloe's poetry and overall character.

- The truth grenade.

- Buzz in his "stage gear," aka sunglasses, fedora and slicked back hair, aka BARF.

- Buzz saying the phrase, "Make everyone's panties drop."

- Roger, as a person.

- Buzz getting hurled upon by the girl in the hot tub. It was so badly done, I couldn't even enjoy the fact that Buzz got covered in vomit. And that's saying a lot, y'all.

Camp WTF

- Would you really try on a bathing suit from the lost & found? All mean girlness aside, that's just NASTY.

- Grace calling Christian an "Asian John Mayer."

- So upon discovering that Roger has another gal over, Mack HANDS HIM the wine bottle? This is the gravest crime ever committed against the mighty grape.

So, campers, it's time for you to chime in. Hit me up in the comments, and then let's hold hands and sing "Kumbaya" while pretending that Dance Academy just got renewed for a fourth season.

Next episode: "Valentine's Day in July"

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